DIY Patriotic Decor For Your Homestead

Do you make your own DIY patriotic decor for your homestead? From the Dollar Store to Walmart, patriotic supplies can be found everywhere and inexpensively too.

We spend so much time on maintenance and upkeep, we often do not think about making some inexpensive decorations for the holidays. With the Fourth of July being just around the corner, let’s look at some DIY patriotic decor projects you can make today inside your home.

And don’t forget that you can decorate the outside of your home too! From flag poles for yard parties that you can use to fly Old Glory, to pennants on the porch so that you can show your patriotism all around your home, the possibilities are endless.

You can check out The Farmhouse Gathering Video below for some other great ways to celebrate the Fourth of July and bring some patriotic decor into your homestead!

Patriotic Decor Ideas

The three ideas below are simple patriotic decor ideas anyone can do to decorate the interior of their homes. All supplies were found at my local Dollar Store and I spent under $20 for everything.

Natural Log Patriotic Decor Table Setting


  • Burlap Ribbon Roll (3″ or 4″ wide)
  • Fourth of July Table Spray
  • Red, White and Blue Table Garland (wired)
  • 2 Glass Vases
  • Silk Flowers in red, white and blue
  • Crepe Paper (red, white or blue)
  • Foam Stars (1 Package)
  • 6 Bamboo Skewers (thicker ones are better)
  • Long sturdy branch from the woods (long as table length)


  • Unroll the Burlap roll and cut to length of table.
  • Place the tree branch across the burlap
  • Place the Patriotic spray in the back of the log in the center of the table
  • Fill 2 glass vases with crepe paper to disguise flower stems
  • Place one sprig each of a red, white, and blue flower inside each vase
  • Using the bamboo skewers, poke one skewer inside the center of two large red stars, two large white stars, and two large blue stars.
  • Place one of each colored star in each vase. (break skewers into shorter pieces so the stars are at the right height.
  • Arrange flowers and stars in each vase until you are satisfied with the look.
  • Cut 2 strands of the star garland a little longer than the branch and place the garland around and over various parts of the branch until you are satisfied with the look.

Voila! A patriotic table setting for your dining room table or a coffee table!

Coffee Table patriotic decor

Patriotic Star and Flower Addition


  • Bamboo Skewers (thicker ones are better)
  • Foam Stars
  • Red, White, and Blue Silk Flowers
  • Artificial Plant


  • Place two each of the red, white, and blue foam stars onto a skewer.
  • Add the flower pics to the artificial plant.
  • Place the skewered stars into the plant, breaking the skewers to be the height you need.

Great job! You have just added some patriotic decor to your plant! This can be done to real plants also.

Artificial Flower spray

Patriotic Decor for the Dining Table


  • Red Plastic Tablecloth (sized to cover Table
  • Star Garland
  • Burlap Roll (cut to fit width of table)
  • Foam Stars


  • Place tablecloth across the table
  • Lay burlap strip across the center
  • Spread out foam stars across burlap
  • Stretch star garland across the table on the burlap twice. (can secure with tape)
  • Set place settings, silverware and/or centerpiece on the table if usually have one

You have a simple but patriotic table to enjoy your meals at now!

Dining Table Patriotic Decor

Final Thoughts on Your Diy Patriotic Decor

Well, would you believe that less than 20 dollars at the Dollar Store could decorate your home with so many cute DIY Patriotic Decor ideas? The best part about these 3 projects is that I was able to use up every bit of what I bought and decorated 3 different areas of my home!

Try these three Fourth of July DIY ideas to celebrate the holidays on your homestead!

How do you decorate your home for the Fourth of July at your homestead? Share your ideas and/or pics in the comments below!

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