Everything You Need To Know About Painting A House

When painting a house or going for a home makeover, painting the house is a sure way to a dramatic transformation. Not only does a new coat of paint look appealing, but it also acts as a protective covering in harsh weather conditions. It is usually recommended to opt for house painting especially during the sale of the property as a newly painted house. And it can attract a fairly reasonable price. There are factors to be considered while deciding on a paint job to see durable results. You can also hire a house painter to do the painting for you.

painting a house

Everything You Need To Know About Painting A House

Preparing the exterior wall:

This is a basic and most important step before painting a house starts is preparation. Preparation includes removal of dew, dust, etc., and sanding the surface to get a smooth texture. The selection of the right equipment is also an important step in preparation.


Quality of paint:

It is very important to decide on the quality of paint to be used. Low-quality paints are incapable of withstanding harsh weather conditions for more than a year or two. Finding the highest quality paint that fits your individual budget is a smart thing to do. Repainting involves a lot of costs. These are important considerations to keep in mind when painting a house.

painting a house

Coating strength:

Coating strength is the ability of the coating to stick to the structure. The durability of the coating depends on cohesion and adhesion. There are three different tests done to measure the strength of the coating. If the coating strength of your paint is low it will cause cracking, softening, and peeling. This is an important aspect when painting a house.


The suitable season for painting:

It is recommended that painting a house is done when the weather is warm. Depending on the choice of paint, there is a recommended outside temperature. A professional Painting Company will know the appropriate time to paint and will provide professional services for the interior and exterior painting of your home.

painting a house

Temperature fluctuation Painting:

If painting a house is done during the day at too high of a temperature, it will tend to attract moisture. It will not dry off properly. Especially if the paint coat is subjected to a drop in temperature at night. A minimum of four hours gap needs to be maintained between finishing the paint job and the time the temperature drops.


Minimizing the hassle:

Painting a house is not a simple job at hand. It does not matter if the painting job is being done for a home makeover or from damage due to weather conditions. The entire factor for keeping the job as hassle-free as possible needs to be ensured. There are professional services for specific weather damage restoration. They can provide a lot of help.

painting a house

Professional Painter:

There are varieties of DIY paint kits available for homeowners to try their hands on when painting a house. But it is recommended that they seek professional help like Gresham painting contractor as painting the exterior of the house requires a lot of surface preparation, i.e., removal of dirt, moisture, rust, etc., smoothening the surface, and getting rid of loose paint. Expert painter hiring ensures the exterior wall is adequately treated.

painting a house

Factors to consider while hiring a professional painter is:

  • Painter has long industry experience in house painting. Experience can be verified by checking their website for customer reviews and pictures of previous work done.
  • Service providers who are able to provide a right mix of expertise and state of the art equipment range. These include pressure washers, rollers, grinders, electrical wire brushes etc.
  • Knowledge of damage control and surface protection when painting a house.
  • Knowledge of paint types and mixing experience to ensure durability.
  • Service should be with warranty. Usually, a two to five-year warranty is provided on house painting. Warranty is particularly important because the paint may fade or peel away due to reasons like a compromise on quality, the inefficiency of the painter in surface preparation or paint mixing and also due to harsh weather conditions. Paint subjected to weather conditions need treatment of the walls before the start of the paint job.
  • Cost estimation by comparing quotations from two or more painting service providers is recommended.
Painting a house is simple when you take these tips into consideration.


  1. Thanks for explaining the temperature fluctuation issue. I recently painting a pitched ceiling with a spray gun, and came back a few hours later to find runs all over the ceiling. The temperature had dropped significantly so the paint didn’t sit up well.

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