How to Pack Your Home for Moving

If you’ve moved house before, you’re likely painfully aware of how stressful it can be. The idea of having to pack your home for moving is stressful enough. As well as the paperwork side of things and actually finding a property that you’re happy with, you have to deal with the logistics of the move itself. 

However, while it’s still a lot of work if you have a plan, you can eliminate some of the stress of moving. So, here’s what to do before you pack your home for moving.

Clear Out Your Home

The first step when you pack your home for moving is to eliminate everything you won’t take. After all, there’s no point in packing up items you don’t want or need. You can clear out your home at any point. You don’t need to be moving house to do it. But it’s a good step before you move or even start packing.

If you can, sell some things that will find a new home. This is especially important if you’re downsizing and need to get rid of perfectly fine belongings that you just don’t need.

But when it comes to throwing things out, be organized. Some things you might be able to throw in the trash or take to a landfill yourself, but it can be helpful to look into junk removal services for larger objects or if you have a lot to get rid of.

Women cleaning and decluttering their homes

Get the Right Supplies

Before you pack your home for moving, you need boxes and other materials to keep your belongings safe and well-organized.

Rather than just using whatever cardboard box you can find, look into packing boxes that are designed for the job. They’re sturdier and easier to carry, so you can more safely move your stuff.

You should also get packing materials like paper or packing peanuts. These secure fragile items. Finally, use sturdy tape to keep everything together. 

Pack in Advance

If you know what you need to pack your home for moving, do it as soon as possible. Pack the things you don’t need well in advance. This way you aren’t rushing on the day or week of the move. If you need to, you can pack everything and live out of a suitcase for a week before moving.

The sooner you pack, the smoother everything will run. Children can pack their bedrooms and help out around the house. Keep the boxes somewhere safe and out of the way. Even a bit a day will help.

Couple packing their home


If you do pack in advance, self-storage can give you a safe location to store your items without them being underfoot. It can also be very helpful if you’re moving long distances, as self-storage can get your items part of the way there.

The Moving Day

When it comes to the moving day, hire or ask for help from friends. Larger items and furniture will need a van of some kind. Small children and pets should stay somewhere else so they don’t get stressed or potentially hurt.

Plan the day and start early in the morning. This will give you more time to unpack and get settled.

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