How to Improve Your Outdoor Seating Area

If you would like to enjoy your home in the summer, you might be dreaming about the perfect outdoor nook where you can curl up with a book or share a drink with your friends. If you find it hard to escape in the shade and enjoy the great outdoors when the sun is at its peak, it might be time to put your design skills to good use. Below you’ll find a few ideas to improve your outdoor seating area.

improving your outdoor seating area


How To Improve Your Outdoor Seating Area



Flowering Runner Plants


If you want natural shade instead of pergolas and patio shades, you have several options. You can create shade by constructing a trellis around your patio. This will give you shade and privacy. And it will also look great when the runner beans or the grapes are full of color. You might even get some shrubs in plant pots if you can’t wait until your trailing plants grow and give you enough shade.

improving your outdoor seating area


Driftwood Crafts


A great way of making a rustic and natural looking garden is hunting for driftwood. If you are good with wood and have the right equipment, you can make statues, chairs, outdoor tables, and even fence decoration using driftwood. Check the tools needed for the project at Find a beach that is abundant with driftwood. Create your own statue garden that gives you shade and aesthetic pleasure.

improving your outdoor seating area


Upcycled Benches


You might even try to hunt for some old benches in need of TLC. Visit your local antique dealer and start your upcycling project. Even if you need to replace the wood and the screws, if you have a cast iron frame, you can turn it into a lasting peace that will be the heart of your shaded patio area. You might also find matching cast iron tables and rails you can use to trail your flowering plants on.

improve your outdoor seating area


Make a Pergola


To get more shade on the way down to the nook of the house, you can design a pergola. This is a great beginner DIY project for your home and you can even improve the curb appeal of your house if you build one at the front yard and the back, too. Your front room will be much cooler, and you will be able to enjoy the front garden in the summer.

improve your outdoor seating area


Just Add Water


To keep you cool in the summer, you might want to add a water feature to your shaded seating area. There are several DIY fountain designs available on the internet. You can design your own decoration, add your favorite motifs, and relax on hot summer days and nights listening to the sound of water.

improve your outdoor seating area


If you want to make the most out of the summer, you will need to improve your outdoor seating area. Make sure that you are using recycled materials. Create a rustic style design. Stay as natural as you can when it comes to shading. Build your own pergola and trellis and add cooling and calming water.



What have you done on your homestead to improve your outdoor seating area? Tell me in the comments below.


It is so easy to improve your outdoor seating area if you follow these simple tips and tricks on your homestead.



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