Choosing The Best Outdoor Furniture For Your New Wooden Deck: 3 Tips

An excellent way to increase your home’s useable living area is to add a decking area outside of your home, and this can give you the space that you need to relax and entertain guests. When you have had your deck built, you will need to add some outdoor furniture to enhance the new area of your home and give you somewhere to entertain. Below is a guide to help you furnish your new deck and increase your living space that will make your home the envy of your neighbors. 

Choosing Outdoor Furniture

The Size Of Your Decking Area 

The space of your decking that you have will dictate how much outdoor furniture and additional decorations you can add, and decks are available in a variety of different sizes. An average deck in an Australian home, for example, can measure 12 feet by 12 feet. This gives you plenty of space to add chairs, a table, a BBQ, and maybe even a home bar.  

If you have a deck that is 12 feet by 16 feet, this gives you much more space. You can even have a two-zone deck with one area for sunbathing and relaxing and another area for entertaining or eating a meal on your outdoor furniture. If your deck measures around 12 feet by 20 feet, then you have a lot of usable space, and it is the perfect space to have a BBQ or party, and you can invite your neighbors to christen your new deck and show off your latest home renovation. 

Space is also a consideration for installing components, such as your deck railing system, balusters, posts, deck panels, and lighting. Knowing how much space you’re working with allows you to get enough materials that fit the measurements of your outdoor space.

outdoor furniture

Choosing Your Furniture 

When it comes to selecting the outdoor furniture for your deck, you will have to choose something that is hard-wearing and can cope with what the elements throw at it. Plastic outdoor furniture is often cheap, but it can fade in the sun and become brittle, which means it will need replacing sooner and is less cost-effective.

You may wish to invest in wooden furniture with weatherproof cushions, which can stand up to the elements and last for a long time if you take care of it correctly. When it comes to finding timber outdoor furniture, Melbourne has lots of options for your shopping. If you search hard enough, you can pick up some excellent bargains such as those outdoor dining settings you want for your home. 

Do Not Overcrowd Your Deck 

You will want to be able to have everyone in your family sit on your deck at the same time and relax, and maybe a few extra chairs for when guests come over. If there are four people in your family, ensure that you have at least four comfortable seats, maybe even six if you have enough space. You can also have furniture that you can put away when not in use that you can use when you have more guests than seats.  

Pay close attention to planning your decking area and put as much thought into it as you would arranging your living room, ensuring that it is practical so that you will get plenty of use out of it. You may also wish to add some shade for when the sun is hot, and you can use a foldable umbrella or add an awning to the outside of your home. 

When you have had your deck built, you will need to add some outdoor furniture to enhance the new area of your home and give you somewhere to entertain.

Final Thoughts on Outdoor Furniture

When choosing outdoor furniture, take into consideration what the furniture will be used for, how big of an area you will be furnishing, and the comfort of the outdoor furniture that you choose. If you can follow these three simple concepts when choosing your furniture for the outside entertainment areas, you will be sure to enjoy your outdoor space much more.

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