5 Lighting Collections for Outdoor Entertainment Areas

Outdoor areas are the life of any party. Keeping the guests entertained is not only your work as a host, but your ambiance plays an important role in it. So how can you light up your outdoor entertainment area? Here are some suggestions taken from experts like Fusion Lighting. Read the article till the end to know our recommendations on lighting collections for outdoor entertainment areas.

Why Should You Install Outdoor Lights?

  • Outdoor Lights Improve Security 
  • Gives Your Home a Welcoming Vibe
  • Create The Perfect Party Atmosphere
  • Easy To Find Paths

We will touch on all these points as we discuss the lights to help you tick this checklist.

Entertainment area under the decl of the house

5 Types of Lighting

Different lights serve different purposes. There are several types of lighting, but we have handpicked the top 5 for you.

Recessed Lights

These are the perfect lights if you wish to create a low key lighting setup that does its job and is barely noticeable too. These are overhead lights installed in the ceiling.

If your entertainment area has a porch or a shed, these lights could add that little spark to it. And don’t worry about it when they get dirty, just use a good Outdoor Light Fixture Cleaning Solution to make them sparkle and shine again.


While many see outdoor lighting as a styling tool, they tend to forget that outdoor lighting provides safety as well. Your guests should not face difficulty walking to your entertainment area, which is why these downlights can be installed in stairs and pathways to add luminosity there. It will be easier and safer to navigate the way for them.

String Lights

The most popular type of lighting is, which you will find in almost all the lighting lists. String lights are simple yet effective. These lights are a thread of bulbs that hang above and provide the perfect party vibe. They are classy and match with almost any occasion. Choose neutral-colored bulbs, and you are golden for any event to come.

String lights

Garden Lights

Gardens, backyards, and porches just seem incomplete without garden lighting. Garden lights are small, easy to install, and quite stylish. They come in a variety of designs and can be placed as lamps around the garden. They will surely breathe life into the late-night parties you throw.

Candle Lanterns

While they are not as common as other lights we mentioned, they are surely miles ahead when it comes to elegance. Candle lanterns can be placed on the ground, and the more, the merrier. They are bright enough to light up the surroundings and your moods as well.


Pool Lights

If you have a pool, pool lights are a MUST! They are minimal but could be the most stylish part of your house. Night swims with lights are surely an elite choice.

Pool lights

What Should You Install?

All the recommendations we made are for different purposes, and not all of them are necessary to be installed. However, you need to know what you require lighting for and make a choice accordingly. Consider these 2 points:

Priority – If your priority is not amazing lighting setup and simply security, then pathway lights and downlights are the way to go.

Budget – If you are someone who wants to light up the outdoor area but is on a tight budget, we would simply recommend that you go for string lights and downlights for now. You can always upgrade with time.

This would vary from person to person so make sure you do your part of the research as well.


Here are the 5 lighting collections for outdoor entertainment areas that could easily jump up the atmosphere of your house. Whether for relaxation or for parties, outdoor lighting is always a great option. Pick what you want and go ahead with the installation. Make sure you plan it out beforehand though. Thank you and we hope this helped!

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