Five Simple Ways To Organize Your Homestead Correctly

Is the homestead you live in looking a little cluttered? DO you need to organize your homestead? When you build your homestead, it is natural to pick up some additional items along the way. But sometimes we need a good declutter to spring clean our home or even find those essential items that might be lost in a mess. Here are five simple ways to organize your homestead and keep it organized into the future.

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Use A Storage Service

If you have large items taking up a lot of space in your home, like furniture or even seasonal items like clothing, you might want to put your things in storage. Naturally, your clutter might be built up of precious items inherited over the years that do not fit in your current homestead.

You do not have to consider throwing items away that matter to you. Use a secure and reputable storage facility to store your things until you have space and can organize your homestead.

Try The Four Box Technique

The four-box technique is when you take four large boxes or storage containers and label them ‘‘to keep,’ ‘to throw,’ ‘to donate,’ or ‘relocate.’ You can do this assessment with every item in your home (whether they go in the box or not) over as long a period a time as you need. Gradually going around the homestead and taking stock of what you have is the perfect way to declutter and organize your homestead.

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Maximize Your Wall Storage

If your walls are looking a little bare, but your things seem to be everywhere, use wall storage to keep things off the floor. Pinterest has thousands of innovative ideas for shelving units and clever storage hacks for all types of homesteads. So get pinning and browsing those boards for some inspiration on making the most of your space.

Wall storage does not just have to be functional. There are hundreds of creative and artsy storage solutions you can choose. These are great solutions if you are trying to organize your homestead.

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Create An ‘Expiry Date’ For Items

Much like food, most items in your home have had an ‘expiry date.’ If the last time you used your old speaker system was over a year ago, then it is no longer useful to you and is ‘expired’ in your homestead. If you struggle to throw things away, then creating a cut-off point when you last used them is the best way to work out what you no longer need. 

By donating those expired items you can start to organize your homestead with less items which will make organization much easier for you.

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Commit To A Declutter Slot

A half-hour declutter session every day (or even every week) is a lot less overwhelming than a whole day dedicated to throwing things away. Whether you spend that declutter half an hour clearing your surfaces or throwing away old paperwork, it will become part of your routine, and you will be much less likely to dread the thought of organizing your homestead in the long run.

Use these 5 simple tips to organize your homestead once and for all.

Final Thoughts on Organizing Your Homestead

Organizing your homestead is a great way to give your home a much needed spring-clean while making you feel more on top of your daily to-do list. Whether you add a small organizing window as part of your daily or weekly routine or maximize your storage space, the smallest steps can often have the biggest difference to your homestead.

Have you started to organize your homestead? Do you have tips or suggestions you can share below to help others? Tell me how you organize your homestead to make life easier on yourself.

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  1. Thanks for sharing such an interesting post. Yes, it is indeed important to utilise each inch of spaces of your home properly so that it looks nice and organised and as well as you could have optimal utilisation of your home space especially when we are running through such a time when every inch of space is quite costly.

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