How to Refresh Your Interior with Organic Touches

Growing environmental concerns and innate desire to reconnect with nature have brought organic materials into the limelight of modern design. They come in all shapes, forms, and sizes, but they all speak the universal language of nature. You can put them to good use whether you are aiming for rustic, modern, or anything in between. Indeed, a bit of imagination and resourcefulness goes a long way towards transforming your space. So, here is how to incorporate natural presence into home décor and design to breathe new life into a stale environment.



How to Refresh Your Interior with Organic Touches



A breath of fresh air


Most homeowners decide to add organic appeal with renewable, sustainable, and non-toxic materials: wood, cotton, brick, leather, glass, and stone. Some of them bring raw and rugged charm, while others ooze an elegant and sleek feel. There are also elements such as potted plants that are a timeless asset to any home. That is to say that organic elements work well with different styles and aesthetics. Therefore, it is important to select those that appeal to you personally and make you feel at peace.

One of the most versatile and popular organic materials is certainly wood. In its pristine state, its flawed beauty enthralls and adds character to the living environment. Some prefer it finished (there is a great variety of finishes available), which gives you a more shiny look. In both cases, wood introduces warmth and texture. It can be used for ceiling beams, mantels, flooring, furniture, etc. One rising trend is related to use of reclaimed and salvaged wood. It is both an eco-friendly and stylish solution, a clear win-win.




Piece by piece


Wooden furniture is practically a must. It is versatile and durable and also comes in many different styles. In case you can afford it, check out artisan centerpieces like oversized sofas that act as stunning focal points. It is possible to find a lot of vintage items, as well as furniture with minimal lines, leather upholstery, and monochromatic colors that suit contemporary apartments. To start with baby steps, invest in a wooden headboard or rustic drawers/cabinets. Likewise, a wooden wall in the bathroom could turn your smallest room into a sauna-like oasis.

To enhance the visual pull of solutions like hardwood floors or ease cold industrial elements, one can also utilize small organic touches. For instance, natural rugs and floor coverings are a prime example of this. They are an affordable addition that anchors style and defines space. What is more, they protect the floor from wear and tear damage and offer noise mitigation. It is possible to choose from a multitude of materials, including jute, hemp, cotton, wool, silk, bamboo, sisal, natural fiber, and skin rugs.




New Stone Age


Brick has been around for quite some time, but in recent years, it is undergoing a resurgence of popularity. It is now mostly used as a decorative tool for infusing interiors with natural textures and colors. With the uniform patterns, it serves as a nice backdrop in contemporary urban dwellings and its natural state is a real eye-popping feature. Those who paint it over are able to open up some additional possibilities. For instance, a white coat turns the good old brick into Scandinavian’s style darling.

Finally, we have to mention another natural paragon, stone. When used strategically, this material holds the power to pull the whole look of the home together. It also emanates calm, peace, and a sense of grounding. Marble is a common choice for floors, sandstone adorns walls in many homes, while granite is great for worktops. If you can afford it, opt for a statement piece such as a natural stone freestanding tub, fireplace, or an accent wall. Alternatively, buy stone backsplashes and countertops. Enrich you décor, emulate natural outdoor vibes, and find harmony in your abode.



Turn a new leaf


If you are feeling worn out under the pressure of the urban hustle and bustle and all those man-made objects, it is time to freshen things up and make your home more inviting. Feel free to keep it simple and small or go lavish and big if you can. Natural materials are versatile enough to provide a wide spectrum of design and décor options. You want to pick solutions that reflect your personal style and taste and go easy on Mother Nature. Go ahead, put together your natural sanctuary, where you can unwind and reenergize after tackling the daily grind.


Revamp your interior space by using more organic materials.



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