5 Ways To Live A More Organic Lifestyle

Living an organic lifestyle involves rejecting plastics, chemicals, and other synthetic materials. In doing so, you can reduce your carbon footprint and even improve your personal health. Going wholly organic is almost impossible in this day and age, although there are many organic brands that have made it easier. Even if you make small steps to living more organically, you could be making a huge positive impact. Here are just five ways to embrace an organic lifestyle.

organic lifestyle


5 Ways To Live A More Organic Lifestyle



Start eating less processed food


Many processed foods contain chemicals including pesticides, preservatives, and colorants. Not all of these chemicals are bad for the planet and not all are bad for your health. But there are some that do have negative effects. You can shop for organic foods in most supermarkets. Although you should be wary of the organic label. Products that state ‘made from organic traces’ may not be wholly chemical-free.

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The best way to live organically is to cook more from raw ingredients. You can even grow your own vegetables and spices so that you can be sure no chemicals are used in the growing stage. There are huge benefits to cooking from raw ingredients. It can be cheaper, healthier and more rewarding knowing that you’ve prepared it all yourself. If you dislike cooking, even making an effort to cook one meal a week from raw ingredients could make a difference.

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Wear clothing made of natural materials


There are many synthetic materials used in clothing that can have a negative effect on the environment. Wearing clothing that used more natural fibers could also help to make a difference to the planet. This is a great way to start living a more organic lifestyle.


Not all animal products are ethically sourced and those that care about animal welfare may take extra steps to find clothing that is ethically sourced. Brands such as Glerups do just this, as this informational video from farm to foot shows. There are many similar brands out there to consider that you can discover online.

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Use bio-friendly cleaning products


Many cleaning products use chemicals that can be bad for the environment and even have health risk attached. Fortunately, there are now many bio-friendly cleaning products on the market, many of which you can find online. You can also save money and create your own cleaning products. Sites such as Moral Fibres offers a guide on DIY chemical-free cleaning that could be worth reading if you want to go organic.


Consider your furniture choices


Some furniture can be synthetic and damaging to the environment. Opting for more woods, natural fibers and stone could also help to make a difference. You can find this organic furniture at sites such as EcoSofa. You can search for organic furniture on google for other sources for your home. This is yet another great way to start living an organic lifestyle.

organic lifestyle


Stop buying plastic bags


Plastic bags have one of the biggest negative impacts on the environment. Several countries around the worlds have introduced taxes on plastic bags whilst other brands have banned them completely. If you’re going to buy a bag, purchase a bag for life and bring it with you every time you go shopping. As for garbage bags, there are plenty of biodegradable organic options out there.


Now you know of 5 ways you can live a more organic lifestyle. Have you started using any of these ways to become more organic? Tell me about them in the comments below.


Use these 5 easy ways to live a more organic lifestyle starting today!



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