How To Leave The City And Find Open Space

City life is incredible. The busyness, the buzz, the 24-7 offer of restaurants, bars and nightlife. But also this same busyness, the pollution, the 24-7 noise, and crowded streets. City life is draining. So why not find some open space to settle on?

If you’ve decided that it’s time move and find a little more space for yourself, a little more bang for your buck, then you’ve come to the right place. We take a look at a few places that will take the smell of the city out of your clothes once and for all. And that offer space and are absolutely guaranteed to enhance your quality of life. Picture yourself roaming the Prairies, swimming in the sea, relaxing at your spacious ranch. It certainly sounds attractive doesn’t it?

But could you live without the access to everything and anything on your doorstep night and day, without flagging down a taxi as you step outdoors and your favorite bagel shop, just around the corner. Of course you could.

Not convinced you can live without the city? Read on to find open space for your new homestead.

How To Leave The City And Find Open Space

South Carolina


What’s not to love about this beautiful area of the world? If you love long hot summers and mild winters then this state has exactly what you need.

But more than that it has open space, so much space, in fact, 80,000 acres of parkland to be exact. You won’t be missing out on beach life easier with stunning stretches of coastland enough to satisfy any beach body. Check out Myrtle Beach and Hilton Head.
-On a more practical level, this state boasts relatively low property tax, a real boon for city dwellers well used to over-inflated property prices and not much to show for it. Sell your home in the city and buy up here. You’ll be surprised at what you’ll be trading up your one-bedroom apartment for.

If you like your food then this state is particularly proud of its gastronomical history past and present. It is famed for the many festivals and world-class restaurants it produces.

One word of warning: look out for alligators.


How can you not fall in love with the home of Yellowstone Park? It is, quite simply, stunning. If you’re looking to trade up your mall hopping lifestyle for a taste of fresh air and a more active lifestyle that means more than visiting your local Starbucks, then this state is for you.

Think wide, wide open space and if you’re thinking of moving to Wyoming you’ll find homes that reflect this open position. As in South Carolina, the cost of living in Wyoming is, well, affordable. Despite having access to some of the world’s most beautiful scenery on its doorstep house prices are good and the jobs market fairly buoyant.

Thanks to its green lungs, the state has low pollution. You’ll have access to pretty much any outdoor pursuit you could dare to dream of.


Well for a start you’d be in great company. Home to more presidents than any other states, Virginia is a state rooted in deep history and with a story all of its own. There is a lot of open space to choose from.

The state is often cited as the bridge between city life and country living and you can see why. It quite simply offers the whole package. With a thriving cultural heritage and so much on offer for tourist or visitor, the state ticks every box in the city list. But it also has the beautiful Chesapeake Bay and acres of national parkland to enjoy at your leisure.


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Looking for a smaller city or a quiet town? Look no further. Lifestyle bloggers across the country are beginning to see what all the noise is about when it comes to the open space in Minnesota and here’s what they’re saying:

If you love food, festivals, friendly people and affordable living then you could do far worse than setting up home in the North Star State. Quite simply it has everything especially lakes, a lot of lakes, actually 11,842 to be exact but who’s counting? With so much natural beauty to explore, not to mention the great choice of properties and clean environment, this state is experiencing something of a revival and it’s easy to see why.


Perhaps not the most obvious choice, but Iowa is certainly a state that will surprise and charm you if you’re looking for a way out of the rat race.

It may have a reputation for being a sleepy retirement state with long, open roads but Iowa also boasts great schools and great, affordable housing options.

You also have the opportunity to slip into one of the state’s larger city’s Des Moines for your city fix knowing that you’ll be back out in the open space with only a few miles under your belt.

An option well worth exploring if you’re considering a home build or have an option for remote or home working.


You’d be forgiven for just moving to this state for the wine alone, but if you’re looking to live somewhere thriving and culturally varied without the overcrowding, Arizona is an excellent choice.

There’s some stunning scenery to take your breath away, from beautiful wetlands to the desert canyons. You just have the lot here and if you’re into food, you’ll be in seventh heaven with the growing trend towards gastro-tourism.

In conclusion…

There’s no better time to consider a change of scenery then right now. If city life is getting you down, then it’s time to spend some time doing a little research and choosing a state that has so much more to offer. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, you might even consider a move into Europe. With beautiful old cities and an unrivaled cultural history, the world is your oyster.

Wherever you choose to live, swapping up clogged city streets for the wide open space of the countryside will always be something of a culture shock to start with. But once you’re used to roaming those beautiful mountains, climbing scenic waterfalls and relaxing on beautiful beaches, you’ll find yourself wondering why it took you so long.

Are you ready to change from the city to a more open space?

Are you a city dweller? Not convinced you can live without the city? Read on to find open space for your new homestead and ditch the city life.


  1. Our place with lots of space picked us rather than the other way around. After several years of looking at places that might be good for retirement living the perfect spot (for us) popped up during a summer vacation. We considered Kern Valley in California, and Flagstaff and Tucson in Arizona. Then we found a remote float cabin in Coastal British Columbia. It wasn’t as easy as moving to another state, but well worth the effort to become permanent residents in Canada. You just have to be open to the possibilities. – Margy

    1. Author

      Sounds like you got lucky and found your dream home! Thanks for taking the time to read! Have Merry Christmas!

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