Preparing For An Open House Correctly: Important Tips

Selling your home is something you may do a few times in your life, or maybe only once. And an open house is a part of that process. Moving to a new house is a big commitment and will be one of the most enduring and stress-inducing things you will ever need to do. 

When putting your house against luxury homes for sale it can be a competition to make your home stand out from the crowd. One of the most important parts of selling your home is hosting an open house successfully, and today we want to talk about some of the ways you can make a great impression with prospective buyers this year. 

open house sign

Tips for a Successful Open House

A bunch of flowers 

When people come to an open house, they will be looking at the potential for this to become their own family home. There are some small things you can do to add that touch of homeliness to your house and make people feel welcome as soon as they enter.

A bunch of flowers is a small feature to display in your home, however, it is also something that can make all the difference to the atmosphere at the open house. Brighten up your space and display some stunning flowers for your visitors. 

bouquet of flowers

Clear any clutter 

Clutter is the enemy of anyone selling their home. Not only will it take you a long time to go through your things and move them to your new house; but if you have a cluttered home it will hinder your viewing. No one wants to see your extra things strewn about.

No one wants to walk into a house and not be able to see the floor, so make sure you spend some time decluttering your home before you have anyone over for an open house. Remember a clean house will sell quicker than a dirty one!

decluttered home

Remove personal photos 

As much as personal photographs can make a home and home; you also do not want to have these on display when strangers come to your house. The first and most obvious reason is a safety and security risk, but the second is that it will hinder your viewing.

When someone comes into your home they will want to see a canvas upon which they can imagine their own furniture and family living. If you have your face plastered all over the house it will make it difficult for anyone to imagine themselves living in your home. 

man entering an open house


When someone comes to your home with the intention of buying it, they will be ready to scrutinize every little thing. Make sure that before you have anyone inside your house that you clean thoroughly. Get into every nook and cranny and make sure that there are no random spots of dust and dirt in and around the house. 

Clean rooms for an open house

Bake cookies 

One of the best ways to make your home look appealing to those visiting is to make it smell delicious! Before you are due to have people over for an open house, bake some fresh chocolate chip cookies. This will not only make the house smell incredible but you can offer them up as a nice little treat to sweeten the deal! 

Preparing for an open house when selling your home is so important. Use these tips to do so successfully.

Final Thoughts on Having an Open House

An open house can make the difference between selling your home or not. By following the preceding tips, you can make your open house successful. Do you have tips to share? Please add them to the comment box below so you can help others have an excellent outcome from their showings.

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