Old Home, New Feel With Less than 50 Dollar Upgrades

There is a reason people let their beautiful old homes become a little bit worn, torn, tired and dreary and it’s to do with money. We all wish we could help our homes sparkle again, give them that little bit of a sprucing up and let them sing like they used to but remodeling a home requires a pretty major budget. Believe it or not, you don’t need bundles of cash to make your property perfect. No way. All you need is a few tips, tricks and little bits of advice and for less than 50 dollar upgrades you can restore its beauty.



Less Than 50 Dollar Upgrades


There are many less than 50 dollar upgrades to make your old home feel new again.
  1. Paint It Pretty


There really is no better way to make something sparkle again than giving it a quick lick of paint. It could be upcycling an old piece of furniture, adding a feature wall to your bedroom, trying a new color in your bathroom or adding a new sense of depth by painting the ceiling; so much magic can be had from a single can of paint.


Paint can set the mood for a room as well as breathe new life into it. Need a brighter space? Paint it white or yellow. Looking for romantic, try shades of burgundy. If it’s a cool look your after try blues and light greens. Pick a mood and pick some paint and get started today.


Painting a room is one of less than 50 upgrades that can make your old home feel new.



  1. Forget Old Faucets


Making space feel new again is all a matter of details. It’s the little things like upgrading the faucets in your kitchen and bathrooms, taking the dated pieces you have now and swapping them out for something shiny and contemporary. As a project, it’s as simple as one, two, three – done in a couple of hours. As for your bank balance, Walmart is a great place to look.


Looking for something different but maybe not so new? Try the home salvage yards, thrift stores and local yard sales for faucets. You may be surprised how many people wil sell their old faucets that have no flaws for next to nothing.


Replacing a faucet is one of less than 50 dollar upgrades that can make your old home feel new.



  1. It Makes Scents


One of the most overlooked ways of making an old home feel fresh again is to give it a new scent. Make it so your home has a smell. That could be done with a scent diffuser from somewhere like Aromatech, or you could get into the habit of lighting a spiced-orange candle every time you get home from work or even buying a can of air freshener that doesn’t make your nose crinkle. Trust us, giving your home a scent makes total sense.


There are so many ways to make your home smell warm and inviting. You can make your own potpourri, burn store-bought or homemade candles, or even light tart burners in various rooms. Walking into a room with an inviting scent can make almost any room feel new and wonderful.


Burning candles is one of less than 50 upgrades that can add ambiance and warmth to any room of your home.



  1. Put On Something New


One of the reasons your living room may feel so tired is because the sofas look tired. These are the biggest pieces of furniture in that space – they’re the statement-makers – so try and give them a new lease of life with a snazzy slipcover. You can pick these up for as little as $25. Now, you may be thinking it all depends on whether you can find one that fits your sofa to a tee, but you’ll be surprised at just how chic and trendy a loose fit can look when done right.


If sofa covers aren’t your thing try a sheet that can cover the entire couch or a cozy throw. I bought two fuzzy blankets from the dollar store that simply lay over the seat and back cushions. They cost me a whopping 8 dollars each and made the living room look totally different. This is a great example of less than 50 dollar upgrades that can completely transform a room.


Adding a couch cover is one of less than 50 dollar upgrades that can beautify your living room.



  1. Correct The Carpet


You only need to dedicate a couple of hours on a Sunday morning to the carpet cleaning cause to see a huge difference. Yes, this may sound like a lot of effort, but the returns are amazing. It’s as if all the powers of restoration lay in a bottle of vinegar and your carpet cleaning abilities. Of course, if you want to save yourself some sore arms and knees then all you need to do is pop along to Ikea and get a nice rug to lay down. It’s as simple as that.


Other ways of maintaining and sprucing up a carpet are with constant vacuuming daily. If you have hardwood or laminate floors, simply adding a throw rug can change the look and feel of a room completely. Stenciling or painted hard floors may also be an option.


Learn 5, less than 50 dollar upgrades to make your old home feel new again.



So now you have 5 ways of making your old home feel new by making less than 50 dollar upgrades. Do you have other suggestions for making a home look new? Please share them in the comments below.


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