3 Important Off-Grid Elements to Consider For Your Home

Modern homes are hopelessly connected to the societies around them in practically every way conceivable. Without the utilities of water, power, or gas, houses are little more than crude shelters, providing little but the most basic comforts to the people residing in them. There are off-grid elements you should consider.

If you are an independently-minded person, that is an issue. You would like to think that you could survive quite happily in your home for a long time without needing to be hooked up to society. But when you think about it, you are not. 

In this post, we take a look at some of the off-grid elements for your home you need if you want to be more self-reliant. This post is not about rejecting society – it is about creating a home that better fulfills its purpose for your needs. 

House powered with solar

On-Site Electricity Storage

You could live in a property without electricity, but it would not be a lot of fun. The modern world is so reliant on electrons passing through metal wires that it is now challenging to imagine life without it. Off-grid elements may relieve some of those challenges.

Relatively few homes, however, have on-site electricity storage. Unless you go to custom home builders and ask for it explicitly, you are unlikely to get it. 

The good news, though, is that you can install it after the fact. You might not have any capacity to store energy from the grid right now. But all you usually need are a few battery packs and some solar panels and that is it: you have several hours of electricity at your disposal that you can use however you like in the event of a power outage. 

Envelope Designs

If you want to go truly off-grid, it is also a great idea to buy a home (or get one built for you) with an envelope design. The idea here is to reduce heating and cooling costs by sealing every tiny orifice, such as gaps under doors and cracks beside the windows. This way, you can stop air from flowing in and out, and cut back on your demand for mains gas. 

Depending on the number of solar panels you have, there may not be enough solar energy to completely heat your home throughout the winter months all by themselves. Electric heaters are helpful, but they also require a lot of energy to run, and solar collectors might not be able to provide it.

House with solar panels

Another choice would be using wood heat as an alternative source. This can be through a fireplace or a wood stove. These are two good off-grid elements for heating your home.

However, another off-grid solution is to use an envelope design. This is one of the off-grid elements you use to ensure that you insulate your property. It works in a similar fashion to a thermos flask, helping to keep your home warm. 

On-Site Waste Disposal

Reliance on the public sewage system is something that a lot of homeowners take for granted. But what if you are not a part of a large city? What if you want to live in the wilderness

In this situation, you will need some form of on-site waste disposal. Usually, this takes the form of a septic tank for processing all your waste as it accumulates throughout the year. You then hire a truck to collect the contents when it is full and ship them away for safe disposal. 

Are you tired of depending on modern-day utilities for your home? Use these 3 off-grid elements to start living more independently.

Final Thoughts on Off-Grid Elements for Your Home

So, are you planning on becoming more independent? Use these 3 off-grid elements to reduce the reliance on outside sources for your home.

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