The Things Every New Homesteader Should Have

When you’re starting up a homestead for the first time, chances are you want to live a more minimal life, which is a good aim to have. However, with increasing levels of self-sufficiency come several things that are vital to one’s success and one’s ability to live an easier life. If you’re trying to strike the right balance, here are some of the things as a new homesteader you will most definitely need:



Things Every New Homesteader Needs


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A Library Card or Internet Access


As a new homesteader, you are likely to have lots of questions about the lifestyle and chances are you’ll need to learn how to do a lot of things for yourself, from learning how to grow a garden to patching up your roof. It is, then, essential that you have access to information.


The most minimalist way of accessing information is via your local library or blogs like this one. So make sure that you have access to at least one of them. Libraries are still worthwhile avenues of information although they are not very popular anymore. Websites and blogs are the new route to information as it is easy and streamlined.


A simple search on Google for “How to (your subject here)” will provide a plethora of information.



Money in the Bank


Being self-sufficient is definitely a way of saving money in the long-term. But in the early months and years, it pays to have some savings in the bank so that you can set up the things that will save you money and allow you to live off the grid. There are many ways of saving money while homesteading.


You can save money making your own DIY cleaners. There are many homestead hacks that save you money. And of course, you can just deposit change and extra money into savings regularly too. Every new homesteader should learn how to save money one way or another.


new homesteader- saving money



A Barn or Shed


If you plan to keep livestock of any sort, then you’re going to need to build a shed or barn where they can shelter from the inclement weather at various times of the year. Ideally, if you can build one yourself, getting materials from the likes of and, would be good because it will help you to learn more about self-sufficiency and construction. Also, is a great company for ready-built barns. Too expensive? Try bartering with others for the resources and manual assistance you need.



new homesteader-build a barn



A Pickup Truck


Having a pickup truck is vital because it allows you to pick up heavy supplies such as lumber, firewood and animal feed and transport it from place to place with ease. Sure, you could probably get by without one, but it would make your life harder than it really needs to be.


A reliable truck can pull a trailer for your animals, and haul what’s necessary that a car can’t haul. If you live in a climate that receives bad winter weather a truck can be a lifesaver for the new homesteader.



new homesteader- pick up truck



A KitchenAid


As a homesteader, you are going to be giving up those store-bought bread and prepackaged foods, which means that you’re going to need one or two sturdy kitchen appliances. If you can only afford to get one, make it a KitchenAid. This wonderful gadget can do everything from milling grain to kneading the dough, so it really will make life as a new homesteader much easier for you.


I make butter in my KitchenAid mixer and I love it. They come in many colors and different sizes based on your needs.




A Composter


A good composter will allow you to get rid of food waste and feed the fruits and veggies you’re growing in the garden. It is pretty non-negotiable. There are many options available for composting. You can start a compost bin outside for all your yard scraps.


You can also buy a countertop compost pail like this one from Utopia Kitchen. It is a twenty dollar investment worth making!





Mason Jars


You don’t want to spend all year lovingly growing various fruits and veggies only for many of them to spoil when you can’t get through them fast enough. That’s why you need to do what every new homesteader does and invest in a good set of mason jars for canning and preserving.


Mason jars aren’t just for canning either. I feed my small animals from the jars I fill with feed every morning. I use them in my office to hold pencils and pens. They have been used around my homestead to keep cuttings in water as well as a vase for fresh cut flowers too.


new homesteader-mason jars



As you now know, there are a few things that every new homesteader needs to have. Having these items can help make your new homesteading journey easier.

Are you a homesteader? What would you add to the list?


There are certain things every new homesteader should have. Here are the essentials.




  1. Love the list! I especially agree with having money in the bank if you have livestock. Something is always popping up that needs dealt with. And the library card! I don’t know how I’d survive without mine.

    1. Author

      Hey Katherine, I love my library card. I would be lost without it too! Glad you liked the post!

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