Tips for Fitting in a New Bathroom

A new bathroom can transform your bathing experience, increase pride in your property, and even add value to your home. To breathe new life into the interior, you must expertly design and install your bathroom furniture and fixtures to create a tranquil, stylish oasis.

While the interior design will be at the forefront of your mind, it is crucial to prevent plumbing problems and ensure the materials you choose withstand everyday tasks. Avoid mistakes by reading these top tips for fitting a new bathroom.

Create a Realistic Renovation Budget

Before you purchase bathroom furniture, tiles, lighting, and accents, create a realistic renovation budget. The estimation can prevent you from overspending on the project, which will protect your bank balance.

Factor in every possible cost into your renovation budget, such as:

  • Bathtub
  • Shower enclosure
  • Toilet
  • Basin
  • Wall tiles
  • Lighting
  • Flooring
  • Faucets
  • Showerheads
  • Plugs
  • Plumbing costs
  • Electrical installation fees
  • Decorative accents

Alter the Layout

If your existing bathroom brings you little joy, the layout could impact your mood as much as the tiling and bathroom furniture. To give the space a luxurious makeover, you might need to play with your bathroom’s design.

For example, you could swap your shower enclosure for a freestanding bath or switch the location of your basin, tub, or toilet. You could even make a small room appear more spacious by installing a wall-mounted basin or toilet.

Pick a Reputable Plumber

It doesn’t matter if you plan to alter your bathroom’s layout or merely replace the furniture; you must hire a reputable plumber to complete the project. A bathroom installation should only be completed by a qualified professional who can handle every aspect of the project. Plumbing experts Maintracts can professionally design a bathroom for your property and provide advice on the layout before you embark on the renovation.

Plumber working on pipes

Choose the Correct Flooring

Solid wood flooring might look great in your living room or kitchen, but it isn’t practical for a bathroom. While you might want to create a luxurious, elegant space that’s filled with character, this type of flooring will fail to withstand everyday use in a bathroom.

Instead, choose from more arduous flooring options, such as:

Pick the Perfect Color

Your bathroom color can make the room appear much bigger or smaller. Pick shades in the white or light color spectrum to make the interior appear more spacious. Unless you have a large bathroom, steer away from dark colors, as they will make an interior feel small and claustrophobic. Also, stick to white bathroom furniture and fixtures and only paint the ceiling white to avoid shrinking the space.

 If your planning a new bathroom these tips will help.

Install a Dimmer Switch

Your mood should determine your bathroom lighting, not the other way around. For example, soft lighting can help you relax in a hot bubble bath, while you might want to brighten the space when brushing your teeth, combing your hair, or flossing. Adjust the lighting with ease by installing a dimmer switch, which will add a touch of flexibility and luxury to your new bathroom.

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