Do Natural Old Time Hacks Tips and Recipes for your Homestead Gardens really work?

You just might be surprised!

All gardeners dream of having that picture-perfect garden.  One filled with lush green plants and leaves. We love seeing the rainbow burst of colors that tells us we will be eating good! And when we walk out our door, what we see instead are stalks that have been brutally stripped of their leaves. The umbrella that shades the squash is full of holes. And our prize carrots have been mauled beyond recognition. It is a gardener’s nightmare.

Instead of resorting to harsh chemicals or tilling in your hard work, try using some of the advice given to us from gardeners of old. Natural Old Time Hacks Tips and Recipes for Your Homestead Gardens is loaded with everything you need to dispatch the pests that destroy your garden, using natural products you can find in your kitchen.

As you gain control of the critters, feed your plants with recipes that will help them thrive. These recipes are both beneficial and healthy for your plants while still being organic and as natural as possible. You can also find helpful charts to know the uses and purposes of different amendments you can add to your garden. These are great ways to feed your plants and increase the overall health of your soil.

Are you suffering from black spots on your roses?

There is a recipe for that.


Have you painstakingly done the work to save seeds from that perfect heirloom tomato plant, only to have the seeds get moldy? 

There’s a tip for that.

If it’s time to clean out your closet, the Tips and Tricks section can put some of those items to better use. From old boots and helmets to kitchen ladles and chopsticks, Natural Old Time Hacks Tips and Recipes for your Homestead Garden is chock full of great ideas to help you create and maintain a lush, beautiful garden.

No matter what is preventing you from having that picture-perfect garden, you will find a remedy in this great e-book. All you have to do is check your pantry or refrigerator for most of the common ingredients.  You can also find links for websites where you can order what you don’t have, or have beneficial insects delivered right to your door.

Are you ready for that beautiful garden?

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