Must-Have Tools Every Aspire Rancher Needs Before Getting Livestock?

Have you always dreamt of running your own ranch? Did you ever purchase your own plot of land? Well, owning a ranch is more than just buying a plot of land in Montana or Wyoming; it’s more than owning a couple of horses or even dressing up like a cowboy sporting ropes tied to your side. There are some must-have tools.

Owning a ranch is actually a lot of work, and one major thing that makes a ranch, well, a ranch, is its livestock. But it’s not like you can build a fence, and then it’s time for livestock. No! There’s actually a lot more that goes into it. So, what are the must-have tools that every aspiring rancher absolutely needs before they get livestock? Well, here’s exactly what you need to know!

You’ll First Need to Start Off with Fencing Tools

Alright, so this one is pretty obvious, but it never hurts to really mention it. So, building a sturdy and reliable fence is a fundamental aspect of ranching.

You’ll need to be sure to go ahead and invest in essential fencing tools such as post-hole diggers, wire stretchers, and high-quality fencing materials. These tools are vital for creating secure enclosures, protecting your livestock, and delineating different areas of your ranch.

Woman installing fence

Livestock Handling Equipment 

It’s going to take far more than just some old-fashioned rope to handle your livestock. So, if you’re planning on making your ranch essentially a business (and not some hobby), then you’re absolutely going to need some efficient handling facilities that are crucial for the well-being of your livestock.

Meaning that you’re going to want to acquire chutes, sorting gates, and pens to streamline tasks like vaccinations, hoof trimming, and general health checkups. Why does this matter? Well-designed handling facilities contribute to a stress-free environment for both ranchers and animals.

Livestock chute

You Need to Think About Irrigation

This isn’t just about livestock, but if you’re planning on doing some farming too (something most ranches tend to do in the first place), then you have to think about this. The old-fashioned water tin is not going to work out. Instead, you’re going to have to have a consistent and clean water supply, which is vital for livestock and crop management. 

Ideally, you’re going to want to invest in irrigation tools like hoses, sprinklers, and drip systems to maintain healthy pastures and gardens. Water troughs and automatic waterers are essential for ensuring your animals have access to fresh water. So, it’s not only about farming (even if you don’t plan on doing that) but that grass needs to stay green and healthy for your livestock too. 

Large irrigation

Field Maintenance 

This basically goes hand-in-hand with what was said above: vegetation is basically needed for healthy livestock. Therefore, you need to take care of the land itself if you want healthy livestock. It’s going to be a wise idea to look into things like trimmers, chainsaws, and brush cutters to help manage vegetation, ensuring your pastures are well-maintained. Even if you plan on hiring a service to tend to your ranch, it’s still going to be a good idea to have these on you, just in case. 

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