Must-have Kitchen Appliances for Your First Home

Settling into a new living space for the first time can be really exciting, especially when you get to choose the must-have kitchen appliances to include in it. However, it can be either fun or confusing when it comes to listing down the equipment you need for the kitchen.

What do you really need? Worry not, we’ve prepared a list of some essential appliances for your new kitchen.


Whether from takeout or homemade dishes, sometimes you just have leftovers. Microwave is your hero to reheat the excess food you have left from last night.

Sharp microwave comes with practical advantages. It helps you cook time-efficient frozen meals. It’s also relatively easy to clean, doesn’t take up much space, and if you have children, they can learn how to operate it safely.



The main purpose of a blender is to turn ingredients into the liquid, and it’s super useful just for that. You can get a quick fix of smoothies with a classic countertop blender.

It’s also easy to make yourself some creamy soup, for instance, with an immersion blender. While seemingly serving a similar function, a blender and a food processor would nicely complement each other in your kitchen, so do not worry about having both.


This is definitely a must-have kitchen appliance: it’s the first thing we think of when imagining a kitchen. No doubt, a stove is essential for your new kitchen. The next thing you should consider is the kind of stove you’re going to get as each type has its benefits and disadvantages.

Induction stoves are energy-efficient, yet it costs higher than the other types. Electric stoves might be a more economical option, although it can result in uneven cooking (for coil type) and need more 

maintenance (for smooth top type). A gas stove is always a classic; visible flame lets you control the heat yet can also be dangerous for gas leakage possibilities.


Pressure cooker

A pressure cooker is the fast forward button of your kitchen. It cuts up a lot of cooking time for a lot of ingredients that generally can take hours to prepare.

For instance, you can make a pot of chicken stop in a shorter time than general, instead of simmering it for hours. You could also cook frozen meat directly without thawing it first.

The pressure cooker also keeps all the steam locked inside while cooking, making the food taste better and richer.

Rice cooker

If you consume rice regularly, this appliance is a must-have for your kitchen. Cooking rice in a pot can be tricky; you might add the wrong water to rice ratio, leading to cooked rice with an unwanted texture.

This is why you need to have a rice cooker. You can choose between a simple cook/warm cooker or a smart, multi-functional one—adjust it to your need and budget.

Even if you only eat rice every once in a while, a rice cooker can still be very useful. It can function from a slow cooker to a steamer. You can find a bunch of various recipes made using a rice cooker.

Rice Cooker

Food processor

This must-have kitchen appliance is quite versatile as you can do many things with a food processor. Chopping veggies, shredding cheese, kneading dough, making sauces, even grinding meat: having a food processor will be helpful for your kitchen activities.

You can make more food from scratch using this machine, and it will be less time-consuming as it aids you in prepping the ingredients. It might increase your chance of implementing a healthy diet and spending fewer bucks to eat out.

Electric kettle

Hot water is essential to prepare some instant food and drink hence it’s nice when you can get it fast. An electric kettle boils water way faster than a stove, saving you time when you crave some hot coffee or tea.

It also prevents you from burning risk as you don’t contact hot, boiling water directly. It’s an appliance worth having.

Small view of a kitchen counter


It might seem trivial to have a toaster in the kitchen, like, who messes up toasts anyway? But listen, you won’t regret getting this must-have appliance for the kitchen.

It saves a great deal of your time on a busy morning: just throw in a few slices of bread for 1-3 minutes, and you’re ready to go! Do you really need any other reason to get yourself this time and energy-efficient machine?

Final Thoughts on Must-Have Kitchen Appliances

Hopefully, this list of essential kitchen appliances could be used as a guide for you to shop for your new kitchen. You can be more flexible with the types according to your budget and liking. Happy shopping!

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