How to Say Goodbye When Moving

Moving is something that most of us have to do at least once in our lives. Sometimes, it’s fantastic. You’ve been saving for a bigger house for a while, or the place you are living hasn’t been the best, and you are eager to move. But, other times, even if you are looking forward to the move, if you’ve lived somewhere for a long time, or your house means a lot to you and holds plenty of fantastic memories, it can be hard to say goodbye.


A house is rarely just a house. They can quickly become a big part of your family. Your home is where you relax and unwind, it’s your safe space, where you are truly yourself. It might be where you first welcomed a new partner into your life, or where your kids grew up. But, sometimes, you need to let go. Here are some tips to help when moving.



How To Say Goodbye When Moving


Saying goodbye when moving isn't easy. Keep these things in mind and it will be much easier for you and your family.


Look to the Future


Think about why you are moving. Is it to be closer to a new job? Or to move in with someone that you love? Do you need more space? Or has your old home become too big to look after?


Whatever your reason for moving, it’s a wonderful chance for a fresh start. Instead of looking back over all the great times at your old house, think of everything that is going to come in your new one. Think of the memories you will be making.



Home is Where the Heart Is


The old saying is true. You love your old home; it’s a part of your family. But, you will love your new home too. To start with, it might just feel like a house, but once you are moved in and settled, it will soon start to feel like a home.


Anywhere can be transformed into a cozy home with some decorating and adding curb appeal.




Have a Packing Party


Let your old home give you one last great memory. Invite some of your friends around for a packing up party. Spend the evening cleaning, packing up boxes and painting if you need to. Enjoy yourself reminiscing about the good times that you’ve all had in the home and make plans for decorating the new one.



Set a Date


Moving slowly is a great way to reduce the stress of the move. But, don’t be tempted to drag things out. At some point, you need to say goodbye and get on with your new start. Give yourself an official moving date.


Do what you can before then but book a van and a cleaning team for that day. Then, don’t go back. Click here to sort out the energy for your new home, so that you are ready to start your life in your new home.



Say Goodbye


Walk into each room and say goodbye before you leave. It might seem silly saying goodbye to a room, but it’s meant a lot to you, and this is a fantastic way to end your ties. It’s a mark, that means it’s time to move on.


You will be surprised by the many memories that may come to you as you walk through each room. It’s a lot like closure of the old to make room for the new memories that will be made.



Leave a Secret


Leave something of yourself behind; this could be something small like carving your initials in a tree, or something more significant like planting a whole new tree. Just something that will always be yours.


Maybe down the road in the future, you can revisit the property and find your treasure. Wouldn’t it be a great memory for the future?

moving-saying goodbye


Now you can happily say goodbye to your old home when you are moving and look forward to new memories to be made in your new home. Do you have other ways of saying goodbye? Please share them in the comments below.


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