The Best and Worst of Moving Your Family to a Farm

Transitioning from the city and moving your family to a farm is a monumental decision with advantages and drawbacks. If living rural has long been your dream or intrigued you, take the time to assess both sides before making a final decision.

The Best of Farm Life

Close to Nature

One of the main attractions of moving your family to a farm is being closer to nature. You get to wake up each day to the sound of a rooster crowing and see lush green fields stretching as far as you can see.

Your children get to chase butterflies and climb trees instead of staring at screens all day long. From planting your own vegetables to raising farm animals, the educational experiences here are numerous and invaluable.

Room to Roam 

Say goodbye to cramped city apartments and hello to open spaces. When moving your family to a farm, your backyard is virtually endless. It allows children the freedom to roam freely while encouraging independence and creativity in children.

It offers outdoor activities such as horseback riding, hayrides, and fishing. Also, having space for hobbies such as beekeeping, pottery, or setting up mini roller rinks makes farming life worthwhile.

Healthy Living

Moving away from city smog and bustle to breathe fresh country air can be beneficial to respiratory health. Farm living often necessitates increased physical activity, be it harvesting crops or cleaning stables, while access to fresh, organic food is easy and readily available.

Farm life

The Worst of Farm Life

Hard Work, Harder Floors

Farm life can be hard work. To succeed requires dedication and getting your hands dirty. Daily chores like feeding animals, maintaining equipment, and managing crops are physically taxing and time-consuming.

These should not be underestimated when switching careers from desk work. Expect some adjustment time as you transition, along with possible sore muscles.

Isolation Station

Living on a farm can sometimes feel isolating, with social activities and amenities that were once within easy driving distance now requiring long commutes to reach them. Rural areas may lack fast food outlets, shopping malls, or entertainment options.

These may create isolation among social butterflies who enjoy socializing with others. This transition can be hard on emotional well-being resulting in feelings of loneliness or boredom for some residents.

Financial Gamble

Establishing and running a farm is both financially difficult and risky. Initial costs such as buying land and equipment must be covered before ongoing expenses such as animal feed and crop supplies are covered.

Prices of produce can fluctuate and affect income unpredictably. Plus your farm likely requires additional income sources to support its lifestyle.

Tractor Rollover

One of the greatest risks associated with farm life is tractor rollover. These essential machines can become deadly if handled incorrectly.

Rollovers may occur due to uneven terrain, excessive speed, or poor load distribution, resulting in serious injuries that could prove fatal. To minimize this risk, it’s important that safety protocols such as roll-over protective structures (ROPS), seat belts, and regular maintenance and training for operators are implemented to minimize risks. Nonetheless, due to farming’s unpredictable nature, additional vigilance will always be needed in order to ensure safe operation.


Moving your family onto a farm is a decision fraught with both advantages and disadvantages, from natural benefits such as ample space and a healthier lifestyle to physical labor, isolation, and financial risks that pose substantial obstacles.

Farm life might seem appealing in the beginning. However, without being prepared for its demands and sacrifices, it may soon seem less so. Therefore, balancing all aspects will help determine if this rural path is indeed the path best suited for your family.

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