5 To-Do Before Moving into a New Apartment in Philadelphia

It’s a new apartment in Philadelphia, and the family is packing their stuff. Is it overwhelming, right? The new place looks great, and they want to move in ASAP, but there are still some things to take care of first, like these things before moving into a new apartment.

Unpacking is not the only challenge before fully settling into your new home with your family. There are other things to mull over, such as whether the plumbing fixtures are functioning properly, rather than assuming you’ll figure it out later.

Today, we’ll take you through 5 things to do before moving into a new apartment in Philadelphia with your family.

“If We Were Meant To Stay In One Place, We’d Have Roots Instead Of Feet…” – American Author Rachel Wolchin

Apartment buildings

#1 Installing the LED Screen

Mounting your T.V in the correct position is integral to enhancing your overall viewing experience. However, wall mounting is not as simple as punching a few holes in the wall and hanging the screen, and it requires a lot of planning. This is something to keep in mind when moving into a new apartment.

If you are in the Philadelphia region, then it is highly advisable to trust the tv mounting service in Philadelphia for prompt, affordable, customized solutions. They will not help you determine the best location for your screen but also the right height so that later down the line when you binge-watch late-night shows, you don’t have neck pain the next day.

LED television mounted on the wall

#2 Check The Lock of the House

Whether you are moving into rented accommodation or purchasing your own house, don’t forget to change the lock. If changing the door lock is not an option in a rented house, install an external lock. Changing the locks of the main entrance and rooms is indispensable when moving into a new apartment. This is because some people may have access to the keys.

Also, sometimes, you may have given the keys to the partner, plumber, or painter, and what if they duplicate the keys? We are not saving you not to trust anyone with the keys, and it is better to be safe than sorry.

Changing the locks

#3 Deep Cleaning The House

“When your environment is clean you feel happy motivated and healthy.”—Founder of Smart Youth Volunteers Foundation, Lailah Gifty Akita

Yes, you may have time running out to move in to a new apartment. However, getting your house cleaned before packers & movers knock at the door cannot be overlooked. The cleaning should include the kitchen, the carpeting, the bedroom, and just about everything else.

Once the moving company unloads the boxes, you might not get the opportunity to do a thorough cleaning, especially the flooring. Just imagine preparing dinner in a dirty kitchen; won’t that be horrible? You always have the luxury to rope in a professional to get your new apartment dusted and cleaned from every nook & corner.

Woman deep cleaning

#4 Check Water Tap, Kitchen Sink & Bathroom For Any Leakage

At least one day, let a professional inspect the house for any possible plumbing issues, especially leakage. When you are with family, it cannot be taken for granted that everything will be ok.

If not identified early, sneaky leaks can lead to water damage and waste. Stay alert to leaking clues. These include wall discoloration, bubbling paint or bulging wallpaper, a musty smell, and a dripping sound.

tightening plumbing fittings

#5 Check For Electrical Issues

Call a licensed electrician for inspection of the lighting fixtures when moving into a new apartment. The ceiling & wall fixtures must be secure. The previous occupant may have installed a higher wattage bulb, way more than the fixture could handle. In such a situation, the fixture may get overhead and contribute to fire by getting in touch with any combustible item. All the fixtures must have GFCI outlet wiring.

Next is, checking if the apartment has old or new wiring. The old wiring is usually made out of aluminum, which could leave your house vulnerable to electrical short circuits. For a rental property, request your landlord to change the wiring.

Don’t forget the open sockets. All electrical fittings need to be of the highest standards in the industry. If they are not up to the standards, either replace them or look for a new property option.

Man checking lighting fixtures

Final Words

If you have a small kid in your family, then childproofing should be considered when moving into a new apartment. Start with the living room. The biggest risk here is falls & collisions from furniture that has sharp edges.

Secondly, all the electrical sockets must be covered, as you don’t want your crawling toddler to insert their delicate fingers into the shock hole.

Take your time to look at small things in your day-to-day life and their possible safety implications for your little one.

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