Moving: Reasons Homeowners Move

On average, American homeowners move every 5-7 years. There are, of course, that rare breed who’ve been in the same house for fifty years. And, sometimes, those of us doing the moving ask the same thing. Why? After all, moving is stressful. Even if you use a company like Atlanta Home Movers to help to make the actual move much easier, there is still so much to consider and this all contributes to the stress. On top of which, moving so often can cost a lot. Over short periods, house prices don’t have much opportunity to increase. You may make a little more than you spent, but that’s likely minimal. Plus, there are legal and moving fees to take care of. But yet there are many reasons homeowners move.

But, when you’ve got to move, you’ve got to move. Few of us sell because we have itchy feet. In that instance, we would just go on a vacation, right? When it comes to moving, the reasons homeowners move are much more robust and easy to understand. It can be difficult to say goodbye, but these reasons keep us looking forward throughout the hunt. They depend entirely on each house hunter. But, there are some common reasons for deciding to jump ship. And, we’re going to look at some of them here.

Moving: Reasons Homeowners Move

We have all moved at least once in our lives because we needed more space. There simply comes a time when we continue to grow, but our houses don’t grow with us. No matter what efforts you put in place, this issue is near enough impossible to overcome. Hence, moving is in the cards. Most often, moves like these apply to expanding families who need more bedrooms. These are generally younger buyers who are at the start of their house-owning journey.

At the other end of the spectrum are those who move to downsize. While it’s inevitable we’ll need bigger houses when we’re young; there will also come a time when the kids move out. And, when that happens, a large house becomes a hindrance. Not to mention that reduced mobility can make it harder to cope with stairs and cleaning. In this instance, it’s not unusual for owners to look into sizing it down.

If this sounds like you, why not visit Wren Realty for info, or do some research online? The chances are this is the last move you want to undertake, so it’s crucial everything runs smooth. And, the more you know, the more chance there is of that happening.

reasons homeowners move-bigger house


Convenience can influence a house move in many ways. So much so that this is also a forerunner for the most common reason for casting our anchors. It should come as no surprise to you that location plays a significant role in most moves. But, the places we consider all depend on what’s convenient for us.

It may be that we move to be nearer to a new job. Or, we may want to get the kids in the best schools. Another common convenience issue is that of being closer to family members. This mainly applies to those with elderly relatives who need help. In short; a move like this saves us on commuting and stress. And, most of us would rather move than put up with either of those.

reasons homeowners move- commuting issues


Another of the many reasons homeowners move is money. We mentioned above that selling this often may not be the best way to earn big bucks, and that remains true. But, some people may have to sell because they can’t keep on top of mortgage payments. In this instance, moving to a cheaper area or a smaller house can make life much easier for everyone.

Sometimes, our financial circumstances change and result in a move like this. And, sometimes, we just realize that it isn’t realistic to pay what we are. Even something as simple as hearing how much less you’d spend elsewhere can be enough to get this ball rolling. Money does, after all, make the world go round. And, when none of us have enough of it, it’s as valid a reason for moving as any other.

reasons homeowners move- saving money


While less common, there are also homeowners who move because they no longer feel safe where they are. Neighborhoods change all the time, and an area that was secure when you moved in may not be anymore. Something as simple as the wrong neighbors, or a break-in elsewhere on the street, could shatter your illusions.

And, if you have kids in the house, it’s unrealistic to think staying is an option. In some cases, owners try to rectify issues like these with security systems. But, more than not, you can be sure a move will be on your cards at some stage once security becomes a real worry to you.

reasons homeowners move-better security

A change in circumstances

In some ways, you could argue that all the above points are changes in circumstance in some way. And, they are. But, this is also worth individual mention. Many people move because their circumstances change. That could mean that they meet a partner who wants to buy a house with them. Or, it may be that a death in the family means they no longer have ties to an area.

Either way, life changes like these very often precipitate big moves. And, of course, there are the changes mentioned above, such as alterations to health, finances, and community. All of which can work to change our minds about where we’re living.

reasons homeowners move-new relationship

A final word

But, what does all this matter? Surely the move itself is the important thing, not the thinking behind it? In a way, that’s a fair point. Moving is about going forward, not dwelling on what you’re leaving behind. But, it would be naive to assume that the reasons don’t matter at all. In fact, if you overlook why you’re moving, you may end up in another property which doesn’t suit you. Instead, spend at least a few hours considering what’s incited your need to move on. Then you can look back at this issue throughout your move and make sure you’re accounting for it with the properties you view.

reasons homeowners move

Now that you better understand the reasons homeowners move you can make an educated choice if moving is right for you. Do you have other suggestions or reasons for moving? Please share them in the comment box below.

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