Moving From The City To The Country – 7 Things To Plan For

Are you moving from city to country this year?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many Metropolitan Australians have felt a little too close to their neighbor for comfort. Regional Australian cities have seen an influx of 43,000 people from capital cities in 2022, more than double the yearly average of around 20,000.

You may be feeling the same way, but before you hit up that removalist in Southbank, make sure you have followed the below tips to ensure your country move is as successful as possible.

Have a Job Lined Up 

One of the most important things to ensure a successful transition when moving from the city to the country is to have a job lined up or make sure you can work remotely in your current position.

Skilled trades and professionals such as doctors, nurses, allied health workers, and legal professionals are the most in-demand. It can be hard initially to make connections and network in a country town.

Having a job lined up is a great way to begin networking in your new neighbourhood.

Nurse in small town

Limited Services, A Lot More Community

Another aspect of networking in a new community when moving from the city to the country is that you will get to know the members of your community, their skills, and what services they might be able to provide you in the future.

Depending on how rural and remote, a skillful neighbour could come in handy. Some services in your area may be limited and not as readily available as in a metropolitan location. Getting involved in your new community is a must when living in the country. 


Moving from the city to the country is going to require a reliable vehicle. In the country, public transport will be limited or non-existent. The cost of car insurance will increase due to the additional mileage you will be doing.

Another service you should seriously consider getting is roadside assist, and a country car will require more services each year. Make sure you budget for these extra costs.

Car insurance quotes online

Start Learning to Cook

There’s no such thing as delivering food services in the country. That means no uber eats, no menu log. You will have to rely on your own cooking.

Start practicing culinary, radical self-reliance before your big move as there is limited takeaway or dining-out options in the country. Another thing to consider for those caffeine lovers is that cafes will be limited.

You may need to invest in a decent coffee machine when you move from the city to the country.


There are plenty of country properties with acreage upon acreage. If you choose a property with a lot of land, remember that more land equals upkeep and maintenance.

You will need to invest in a ride-on mower for any property that is larger than half an acre. especially when you are moving from the city to the country. If maintenance and a ride-on mower are not your style, opt for a property with smaller acreage.

City view on top and country view on bottom

Try Before you Buy

After reading the above tips, you may still be considering if moving from the city to the country is the right fit for you. Remember, you can always try before you buy. Rent a property in the country first.

Renting provides flexibility and is not a long-term commitment. Purchase a dream country home once you have rented for a while, found your dream job, and established a network of friends.

Make a List and Pack

Finally, just like a move within metropolitan Melbourne, you will have to plan for all the things that go along with any move. Draft up a checklist of things to do. Book removalists in advance, begin culling items where you can to ensure you do not take any unnecessary stuff with you when you move.

Culling unnecessary items means you will cut down on packing time. Make sure to schedule electricity, water, and gas connections at your new property by moving day. Nobody wants to be moving into a house without basic amenities. 

You will be enjoying your new country home in no time if you follow the above tips. After unloading your last box on moving day, you can breathe in the fresh country air, feel less cramped, and look forward to your first night in your new digs.

Be sure to take the time to stare up at your new country night sky once the sunsets. It will be brighter and more brilliant than any metropolitan night sky.

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