Moving Day: The Most Common Things Homeowners Forget

Moving day can be a very exciting yet stressful time for a family. Moving companies such as can be beneficial to help the move go much smoother, ensuring you move your goods safely and securely. However, there is nothing worse than feeling like you have forgotten something important on the day. In fact, there are a few common things that homeowners tend to forget on moving day.

Read on for some of the most common things that homeowners forget on moving day so you can avoid the hassle and disappointment when you arrive at your new place: 

moving day


Cutlery is hidden away in a drawer, so it is a really easy item for homeowners to forget when they are moving on moving day. You might even leave it behind in a dishwasher, so be sure to check anywhere and everywhere you store dishes and knives and forks.

Cutlery is not too expensive to replace (depending on how expensive your tastes are, that is), but you will still save yourself some hassle once you arrive. After all, you will get hungry at some point and will not want to use your hands!


Cords and Chargers 

Cords and chargers are most often forgotten at hotels and places away from home, but these items are also more likely to be forgotten on moving day. Many people end up leaving their chargers behind and then have one more expensive thing to replace once they arrive at their new place.

Charging your electronics the day before the move will mean you can pack all of your chargers away and have peace of mind that they are not going anywhere. A company like Burnett’s Moving Services may be able to take a weight off your shoulders, but they may not be able to help you if you forget important items like your chargers. 


Medical Supplies 

Your toothbrush and toothpaste can be pretty hard to forget when they are always on display on your bathroom counter, however, it might be easy to forget actual medication, vitamins, and similar items. The last thing you want to do is leave behind an important prescription. 

medicine bottles


Food is difficult when moving to a new home. Trying to eat what you have beforehand is a good start, but you may not be able to get through everything, and you might not want to throw what you have out.

How will you transport any food you plan on taking with you? Look in the cupboard, clear out your freezer in advance, and try to remember the food you may have stashed away for special occasions. 

empty freezer


Do not forget any money you may have literally hidden away for a rainy day. Many homeowners forget cash, cards, and loose change on moving day. 

coin jars


Leaving mail behind may not seem sinister, but identity thieves can do a lot with a bunch of your old letters. Make sure you schedule your mail forwarding to begin the day before you move, no later. 


Important Documents 

Keeping important documents filed away can keep them safe, but it can also mean forgetting them when you move home. For instance, financial records, passport, and other documents. 



Seriously, some people do forget their pets during a move. If you have a snake, hamster, ferret, or another small animal, you are more likely to forget it during a move.

Make sure you know how you are going to care for your pet during the moving process. You want your pet to be safe, and you also do not want to get in trouble for animal endangerment. Make sure you make arrangements in advance. 

Use these tips to make sure you are not leaving the important things you need behind on moving day.

Final Thoughts About Moving Day

Moving day is stressful enough so plan ahead with the preceding tips to make yours a happier and less stressful day. Do you have any tips you can share in the comments below?

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