Tips in Finding Solutions To Moving Day Problems

It is pretty obvious how difficult it is to move from one property to another. Some factors are just beyond anyone’s control which could slow down the moving process. These moving day problems include bad weather and injuries while packing or transporting the items.

The truth is, house hunting is a lot easier than the move itself. Many homeowners can testify to that as they believed a lot of disasters may occur during the move. 

This is the main reason why homeowners are advised to hire a professional mover. It helps to face challenges with proper solutions to make the move faster and safer. You can take full advantage of their skills from packing your belongings to moving them to your new place. 

Moving day for a couple with a child

Common Moving Day Problems And Their Solutions 

Here is a list of misfortunes in times of moving together with the solutions made possible by professional movers:

1. Late Reservations 

Booking a removalist is necessary weeks before the move to avoid delays. Another reason is the high demand for movers in the market by which other homeowners may steal your spot. Moving to a new house may take much of your time, hence finding a mover earlier would benefit your busy schedule as well. 

Make sure to contact your preferred moving company before starting to pack your belongings. It will be stressful and could cause you to forget to book a mover. The best remedy is to secure your spot in advance to reduce your worries while getting all things together.  

The busy seasons for movers are between spring and summer, so pre-booking is necessary during these dates. 

2. Last-Minute Packing 

It is safe to say that the hardest part of moving is the packing process. This is regardless if you came from a small or huge property. Most families own a lot of things by which decluttering is sometimes neglected resulting in mountainous pieces of stuff. It would be too late to realize such a thing during a move, not to mention, the night before the move. Though it is doable, however, that is also so frustrating on your part and also for movers. 

So, experts advise homeowners to pack their things several weeks before the moving date. It could be eight weeks earlier, to be specific. This is to prevent forgetting some pieces and also to reduce the risk of damaging items due to panicking.

Learn the proper techniques to pack items, including fragile ones and heavy furniture. However, most removalists offer a packing service that guarantees your belongings are in good hands. Your job is to instruct them on which boxes contain items prone to damage so that they will handle those pieces with care. Organizing the items would also be easier with the help of movers. 

packing boxes

3. Failure to Declutter Items 

Some individuals like to keep items even if they are not that valuable in the long run. This causes a lot of loads when moving out making it more moving day problems. The most common object better for disposal is damaged furniture which could take up a lot of space in the truck. 

Therefore, it is important to check on your stuff while packing to know which ones to keep and which must be thrown away. This will save up more space inside the truck for necessary items. 

If you worry about the cost of the items, you may opt to donate or sell them to add up to your moving expenses. 

Luckily, moving companies can offer a storage service to secure belongings that did not fit in the truck during the move. The place will reassure homeowners that their stuff is in good hands and will arrive at the new home on time. 

4. Parking and Elevator Needs 

Moving trucks differ in size and most of them are huge to occupy a driveway. This is something homeowners should consider on a moving day as loading items onto the truck can be a hassle. Additionally, if you are living in a condo, there must be restrictions against moving trucks that you must be aware of. 

First, determine a parking space near your location that could accommodate a truck for easy access when loading the items. This matters during bad weather to prevent possible injuries and for items not to get wet. 

Another thing to consider is an elevator in case you live on higher floors of the building. It is vital to know its hours of operation to avoid disturbing people using the elevator to have access to other floors. It is certain that the moving process, in this case, would not be as quick as in a single-story building. 

Thus, understanding these limitations will help the removalists execute a safer and quicker move. This could be the most critical factor you should keep an eye on during a move. There is no other solution but to ask permission from the public involved. 

moving truck


Moving out is indeed challenging but with the right group of individuals, like Geraldton removalist company, it would be less stressful. They are experts in facing moving mishaps that could delay the process as mentioned above.

As problems exist, so do the possible solutions to help your moving day problems. Most of the common moving issues require practical remedies to make the move less frustrating.

Homeowners should be mindful of the factors that could influence the move to think of solutions right away. Contact a trusted mover to get started. 

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