An Important Moving Checklist To Make the Move Go Smoother

Do you want to make a moving checklist and get more tips on moving in general? Here, you are going to get advice on moving correctly. This way, everything you own makes it in one piece to the next destination.

Before you begin moving, read through, and apply the following information to make a moving checklist to help you with your move.

Start with a Moving Checklist

Make a moving checklist of all of the utilities that you have to pay right now. You will want to find out which of them you’re also going to have to pay at your new place.

Make sure to contact each company that you’ll still be working with such as Three Movers. You will need to tell them that you are going to need to move your service location.

If you are moving far away and have to work with new companies, find out what they are, and get in touch with them instead.

Occupy the Kids

If you have kids and you’re moving to another state, you should figure out how to keep them occupied on the way to your new place. When you’re moving far, you’re going to seriously need to keep them busy. This is so that they will not bother you as much.

Also, don’t let them move things on their own. Especially when they are little and don’t have a lot of strength. There are plenty of ways to keep children busy while you move. So look into things like letting them play games on a table or color in a coloring book.

kids unpacking a box

Have a Schedule Made

Moving is not something you are going to want to rush. You should have a move in date at your new place and a move out date at the place.

You need to make sure you let movers know when these dates are. This way they know when they should come out to help you get from one place to another.

If you’re in a rush and need a mover right away because you were evicted or have other issues, you can sometimes find people if you call around.

They may be able to come out that day or as soon as possible. This is where a moving checklist can come in handy.

Hire a Professional Mover

Don’t let an amateur try to move your belongings for you because they could miss things and make costly mistakes. You need to work with a professional moving company who know their stuff.

They will get your belongings moved with little to no issues.

Of course, you can try to move on your own too. But that’s hard work and is only something you should do if you are cut out for it.

Don’t feel ashamed if you need help because moving is hard work and takes a lot of strength. It’s not a bad idea to get assistance with it.

A mover needs to have help when they are moving heavy furniture. You don’t want just one person to try and lift something out of the home onto a truck. Because that could lead to home damages.

If someone loses their balance while lifting something, it can swing into a wall and cause a lot of damage.

Also, if things get dragged, that could damage the flooring. Hire professionals to move for you. They don’t have any problem making sure everything is moved safely and effectively.

professional moving company

Check Their References

When it comes to hiring movers especially when you are moving to a new state, check to see what reviews about them say. You want only to hire movers that have good reputations.

This way you know that you can trust them to do good work. This is another item for your moving checklist.

When you want to learn about movers’ reputations, you’re going to want to find reviews on their services that tell you more about what to expect when doing business with them.

If you find that they are cheap and have bad reviews, you shouldn’t work with them even to save money. Because, in the end, you won’t be happy with the results.

Research the Costs

You’re going to want to contact a few different movers to get an idea of what this is going to cost you. When you reach a moving company, tell them how many rooms you have in the home to move to and where you’re moving to. Then, they can give you an accurate quote.

Also, if you have a garage and a shed that has stuff in it, be sure to mention that as well. They may change the price once they see what you need to be moved. But at least you can get a rough idea of what this will cost by contacting them.

Mark Your Boxes

Another item to add to your moving checklist is to mark all of your fragile belongings. This way the movers know what to be careful with.

If you have already packed without going through and marking boxes, you’re going to want to take some time to write what is in each box on the outside.

Otherwise, when you have stuff get moved, it could get damaged if something heavy were to be stacked on what is fragile. If you have movers helping you pack, then let them know that you want them to label the boxes to be sure that they do.

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Final Thoughts on Making a Moving Checklist

Now you have a better idea of coming up with a moving checklist and more. There are many ways to move, so you have to go with whatever way will work best for you. By having a moving checklist, you can be much happier with the way things turn out for your new move.

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