Do You Move Yourself Or Hire A Moving Company?

If you’re thinking about moving, it’s likely that you are weighing the idea of whether you move yourself or hire a moving company to take care of everything. In this article, I’m going to break down the pros and cons of each to help make a more informed decision. 

Amount of Household Items

The number of household items you have, without a doubt, will answer the question of whether or not you move yourself vs a moving company such as Muval. This is because the sheer quantity might simply be too much to handle with only a van.

Moving into a house that isn’t fully furnished (which is quite often the case) is the norm. It means that you’ll have to transport all your large items of furniture from your old place to the new one. For this, you may want to consider hirefleet to make the move easier, hiring a van with a reputable company like this or similar can be an effective and affordable way to move everything to your new property.

Having a van means you can do things on your own terms. You don’t have to wait until the afternoon when a professional mover is free, you might only have so much time to move your stuff out from the old place before the lease expires, so being able to get started right away on your terms means you might have more freedom with how you handle the whole process.

It could very well be that you simply have too many things that you want to take with you and as a result, it makes doing it yourself quite impractical. In which case having a professional moving company to do the heavy lifting (literally!) is essential.

That frees you up to manage the sheer logistics of moving house. Conversely, if you don’t have loads of objects and can manage the load comfortably, it makes sense to hire a van that you can load up.

Then you can transport the goods to your new place. If this is an option, do take safety precautions for packing up goods to transport them. It’s all too easy to arrive with broken goods!

Time and Effort

As touched on previously, the window of opportunity you have for moving may be constrained by external and invariable factors. This can make organizing a van rental, packing everything, and moving it just a little bit tricky.

Especially if the window of opportunity is brief. It may also take too much time out of your schedule to complete the moving process yourself but if not, renting a van is a great option. 

It could also be that the effort involved in moving large pieces of furniture may just be too much to manage by yourself. You’d need to politely request the help of friends or family. Perhaps repay them with pizza!

Certainly, I wouldn’t like to do any heavy lifting. It’s all too easy to pull a muscle at my age which is why hiring movers Charlotte nc would suit me more.

Nevertheless, if you have willing friends or family who are available to help this would be the best and most affordable option.


There is often an unforeseen element when moving that can easily throw a spanner in the works. This is why having the packing and removals taken care of means you’re free to react without a level head. Believe me, I know all about the stresses of moving.

Having a professional service taking care of the practicalities leaves you free to take care of the rest. It’s a busy and stressful time anyway. Having the peace of mind that comes with a reliable removals company is a huge benefit.

 If you’re thinking about moving, it’s likely that you are weighing the idea of moving or hiring a moving company to take care of everything. In this article, I’m going to break down the pros and cons of each to help make a more informed decision.

Final Thoughts on Whether You Move Yourself or Hiring a Moving Company

This does, of course, depend on your situation, as I’ve said before. Renting a van could be the simplest option if it’s possible to organize the packing, transporting, and moving of heavy goods.

There are of course more precautions to consider if you choose this route. Things like how to pack things securely, carrying heavy goods safely, and just the fact of driving a large vehicle with a heavy load.

Of course, doing it all yourself allows you to be flexible in some regards. For instance, if you want to do some moving at night, you can! So think carefully about what option would prefer when moving.

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