5 Things to Consider Before You Move To The Countryside

Thousands of people are leaving cities behind in favour of finding their bliss in a countryside dwelling. Yet, making such a big move means mentally preparing for what changes you may face. It is easy to dismiss the contrast in the way of life between inner city living and rural existence. But these five things should be at the top of your list for consideration before you move to the countryside. 


The Varying Internet Speeds

Most main cities have fast broadband speeds, and you are likely well accustomed to the advantages of this. However, if you are planning on working from home or streaming a lot of TV then you will need to plan ahead for the varying speeds out in the sticks.

Some areas have better coverage than others. You should research and chat with potential providers in the area before you move to get a realistic sense of what’s out there. 

Welcome to Septic Tanks

Something everyone who lives in the city takes for granted is the waste and water removal infrastructure. When you move to the countryside, this all looks quite different. There is a very good chance that your property, especially the more isolated ones, will have a septic tank. This means you will now have to factor in septic tank emptying to both your task list and household bills.

Now, septic tank emptying cost calculations vary from property to property and location to location. The bigger your house, the bigger the tank, and the more it will cost for sewage collection.

However, Septic Tank Emptying is essential as it is the only way to remove bathroom waste legally and safely from your property. A full tank overflowing is not a risk you want to take. 

Septic tank

The Space Upkeep

Big gardens and spacious rooms are wonderful and highly appealing for so many reasons. The only thing to think about here is how much maintenance they may need, for instance, cleaning and dusting, and what kind of garden you have.

If it is a big one, again, there are plenty of benefits to this. It will bring a real sense of peace, but you will need to come to terms with learning some gardening skills quickly. 


There are few rural communities in the country that can boast amazing transport links. When you really move off the main road and into the proper countryside, there are even fewer, if any at all. So, you will need a car (or a great bike) if you need to travel to a train station or a job every day.

Don’t forget, there are often level crossings dotted about in rural settings too. So factor those into your daily journey as they can (and will) make you late. 

Person on bike


If you have children, you will want information about access to schools and what they are like. There is a strong possibility that you will be facing a commute to get your children to a bus or their school. This needs planning too. 

Moving to the countryside is a wonderful thing to do. It’s great for your health and well-being, but you do need to plan for the change in lifestyle. 

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