Make a More Accessible Home Easily

There are many ways that you can make a more accessible home. What is accessible for one person will not necessarily work for someone else. However, there are some things that you can do to your home that will make a difference and can help people in a whole host of different circumstances.

You might have a family member in need of a more accessible home or you might want to live somewhere more accessible as you get older. Hiring elderly support services could help assist the elderly with social outings and more.

You may also reach outside of the home for services regarding incontinence in the elderly by having the senior complete a 3 day continence assessment ndis and then having a home health nurse come to the home for assessment and treatment.

You could even make some changes before you sell your home, in order for it to appeal to more people. Whatever the reasons for doing it, here are some suggestions that will help to make your home much more accessible.

Handicapped man in wheelchair with spouse

Level Access or Ramp Access

A lot of newly built homes are built with level access to their home. This is a good design for a large number of people, as then no steps or ramps will be needed.

However, some home designs can be difficult to change to level or step-free, which is why wheelchair ramps are a good alternative.

For someone with limited mobility or a wheelchair, just the simple thing of getting in the front door easily is a must. Active NDIS participants can charge these expenses against their plans. Contact an NDIS plan management team to learn more about this.

wheelchair ramp

Door Entry System

Likewise, being able to get in and out of the front door is something that so many of us are simply able to do, and is something that we take for granted. However, if you are in a wheelchair or have a disability such as limited strength in your hand, or limited coordination, even something like using a door handle and unlocking a door can be difficult.

Wheelchair users and people with walkers can also struggle. Having an automatic door opener in place, as they can have in many stores, could be a consideration if this is an issue in your household. They help the handicapped have more independence and freedom, which is important.

Handicapped door access


Having a floor space that is clean and clear is something that is important to be able to minimize the risks that can come from tripping and falling. Things laying on the floor can also block a wheelchair causing them to be unable to freely move around.

Simple things such as removing the carpet can make a difference. For instance, having some thick carpet and rugs on the floor is not ideal for wheelchair use.

The best options are to have a flat and smooth surface to make it much easier for a wheelchair to move around. Wooden flooring can also be a good option, and it is easy to clean in winter months and rainy days when wheelchair wheels are likely to be much dirtier. Bathroom floors that are non-slip are important, not just for safety, but also for ease of use.

woman in wheelchair

Inclusive kitchen

Having an inclusive kitchen is something that is important, as it is going to be a lifeline to the handicapped individual so they can prepare and make food. If someone can not access the kitchen, then that will be a problem. Part of an inclusive kitchen can contain lowered worktops and appliances, and space to move.

Use these simple tips to make a more accessible home for your family and loved one's today!

Final Thoughts on a More Accessible Home

Adding a ramp for easy access, having smooth flooring throughout the home, and designing a kitchen that suits the handicapped individual, you too can make a more accessible home for others.

Have you made adjustments to your homes interior or exterior to make a more accessible home for your family and loved ones? Share any tips and suggestions for others so they too may make a more accessible home as well.

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