Monthly Home Maintenance Checks You Should Be Doing

When it comes to being a homeowner, some home maintenance checks need to be done more often than others. Sure, some are just fine left on a seasonal rotation, but some need checking up on every 30 days or so.

After all, it’s easy for a house to be damaged and for you to never know about it! And if you’ve just bought a property and want to make it your own, you’ll have to keep up with the repairs as best you can.

Be proactive about it and use the tips below to help you keep your home in working order each year.

Home maintenance list and tools

Check for Leaks

The first monthly home maintenance check is to check out any piping and guttering, as well as the doors and windows. Check for leaks where water, grime, and air could escape.

Leaks like these could lead to huge damage in the long run that leads to a collapse of your home’s structure – not to mention just how much money they can lose you in the bills! However, if you do find a leak, don’t panic.

It’s an easy fix that’ll only take around an hour. Indeed, visit your nearest DIY shop like Granite Falls Hardware Store for some supplies. Then reseal and/or caulk the holes up without a problem! 

Man fixing gutters

Test the Alarms

Most alarm systems come ready fitted with a ‘test’ button. So be sure to press this once a month as part of your monthly home maintenance check to see how well the unit works.

You want a smoke and/or fire alarm to be as loud as possible. If the sound fades out quickly or it’s a little on the quiet side (as in you can tolerate it), it’s time to change the batteries.

For a system like a burglar alarm, be sure to dig out the manual that came with the installation to check how the signal send and receive works before testing that out. 

Checking smoke alarms

Wash Out Garbage Areas

Garbage build ups in your home are surprisingly common! Even if you change your trash cans regularly and make sure the garbage disposal moves freely, it’s very easy for blockages to occur without some serious action.

You need to rinse and disinfect every once in a while. And that means checking on the cans and the chute on a monthly basis. Don’t just give them a once over; get right down to the bottom to check for stuck items and/or a bad smell. 

Clean garbage can in house

Comb Over the Yard

Your backyard is a place that gets a lot of attention throughout the year. Plenty of debris can land in the garden. It could be home to a number of infestations that could spell disaster for your home.

As such, check all patio and lawn areas over for signs of critter nests or droppings, and rake leaves and other waste out as soon as it appears. 

Your home needs TLC! Make sure you’re providing it as often as possible with just a few monthly home maintenance checks.

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