Fantastic Ways To Improve A Money-Making Guest Room

Have you considered having a money-making guest room available to people on your homestead as an additional form of income?

One of the ways that many homesteaders tend to bump up the money they can make from their property is by renting out rooms on a short-term basis to guests, be it in the main home or an external guest house.

A lot of people are glad to spend money to stay in a play close to the country. However, if you’re running part of your home as a vacation spot or an Airbnb, you have to provide the kind of value people expect from the hospitality industry. Here are a few examples of what you should think of providing.

Guest bedroom

Make it Gorgeous Inside and Out

People want to stay in a place that offers a break from their daily life, and this includes staying somewhere that has an aesthetic appeal that they can’t find at home. With a money-making guest room, it is usually best to keep decor fairly neutral.

However, with the bathroom and the exterior, go the extra mile to make it as welcoming as possible. A great hardscaping job on the garden can really heighten that sense of being closer to nature, too.

Nuetral Bedroom which appeals to the guest in a money-making guest room.

Consider Cooking a Delicious Breakfast

If you’re renting out a part of your homestead, then you’re likely to fit into the B&B niche of accommodations. Of course, that comes with the expectation of breakfast, and it’s a good idea to put as much work into making a sumptuous breakfast that goes beyond what they can simply make themselves at home, even if the recipe is simple.

This is done, of course, by sourcing locally grown and farmed ingredients. You may be even to get local grocers to provide you a bit of a discount by working together with them.

organic breakfast with local in season ingredients

Make Self-Sufficiency a Part of Their Room

Though they are your guests, you will find that they usually do not want to bother you for too much and will instead try to make do with what they have. As such, it is important to make sure they have what they need in their room.

Part of having a money-making guest room is being comfortable and giving them a reason to return again. Sometimes little things like hand-made soaps or healthy snacks alongside of the bed show you care.

This goes beyond a simple tea and coffee set. Built-in ironing closets like IRON-A-WAY and hairdryers for the bathroom are two vital bits of helping them take care of their own needs in their room. Similarly, it is a good idea to leave the Wi-Fi password out somewhere they can easily see it so they can connect to the net without much trouble.

handmade soaps for guests

Get OCD with the Cleaning

Every hotel and B&B guest worries about the cleanliness of the rooms they are going to be using, and this will be no different in a money-making guest room at your homestead. From the condition of the bedding to the hygiene of various surfaces, it is a big concern for them. It should be a point for you to address their concerns as best as possible, with the help of professional cleaning services like Cleanitall.

If you do not wish to hire an outside company then consider making natural cleaners and letting your guests know that the room was cleaned with all-natural cleaners. This may bring new appeal to your future guests looking for an evironmentally safe place to stay.

Try these simple ideas to turn a normal guest room in your home into a money-making guest room today.

Final Thoughts on a Money-Making Guest Room

If you want to turn your guest room into a money-making guest room to offer people the experience of an idyllic country like setting, then you had better be prepared to deal with the demands of guests. The above are just some examples of improvements you could consider making.

Do you have other suggestions you could share for making a money-making guest room more safe, comfortable, or appealing to guests? Share them in the comments below.

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