4 Modern Things You Need For Your Homestead

The idea of getting back to nature, and doing everything yourself sure sounds good at first. However, if you want to make sure your homestead survives in the long term, there will be a few compromises and concessions that you make along the way. There are some modern things you may want to include! Read on to find out more. 


4 Modern Things You Need For Your Homestead




Don’t get me wrong. I love canning as much as the next person, and preserving enough food to cover us for the winter is one of the joys of running a homestead. However, moving from a kitchen with all modern conveniences to one that only has running water and nothing else may not be the best fit for every homesteader. 


In fact, even if you choose to go for an old fashioned style range for cooking, and to eschew the dishwasher, it really is best to have a refrigerator for your food. After all, it’s a matter of your family’s safety not to mention the fact that you can better keep leftovers and use them up rather than having to throw them away! The refrigerator is one of those modern things most can not live without.


A fridge is a modern appliance that is a great help on the homestead.


Good Internet 


Another modern thing most homesteaders, especially homestead bloggers appreciate is having the internet. Of course, there are massive benefits to being online when you are running a homestead of your own. These may include the wealth of information on keeping animals, raising crops, and how to do DIY jobs around the home. 


Additionally, by being online, you can stay connected with your friends and family back in the ‘regular world.’ Of course, being hooked up to the internet also gives you a chance to connect with other small homesteads as well and gain some much-needed support and advice too. 


INternet is one of the modern things you really will use.


Heating and cooling 


Farmhouses can be beautiful homes, but one thing that you do not want to have to battle with is the extreme heat or the bitter cold. Especially if you have spent all day out in the fields or in the animal shed. With that in mind, you may want to choose a home that has modern heating and cooling systems such as HVAC. 


Of course, this also means that from time to time, you will need to call on professionals like those Metro Express Service for maintenance and repairs. The good news is that such providers may even offer you units on a 0% finance basis. Something that means you can afford to stay cool, even if most of your money is going on vets bills and animal feed. 


Air conditioning units


Comfortable beds 


Lastly, while homesteading is one of the most rewarding ways to live your life, it can also be, at times, exhausting. In fact, there is a lot more manual labor that what most of us are used to. Not to mention the fact that you can spend the whole day on your feet without sitting down once. 


With that in mind, getting a good night’s sleep becomes even more critical. Particularly if you want to be raring to go the next day. That is why it’s vital you invest in a good bed and mattress. Even if it is one that uses modern technology like memory foam. After all, to make a go of your homestead, you are going to need the best night’s sleep possible, every, single, night! 


A comfortable bed is one of those modern things we take advantage of.


Final Thoughts on Modern Things…


You may not require the modern things mentioned above for your homestead, but they will definitely make your homesteading journey much easier.


Although not required, these 4 modern things may make your homesteading journey go much smoother.



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