6 Types Of Mattresses Consumers Can Select From

Stack of mattresses

1. Open Spring Mattresses

Often used interchangeably with the terms ‘open coil’ or ‘continuous coil’, these mattresses internally contain metal wires formed into numerous springy coils. A rod or wire is applied to the border to help the mattress maintain its shape.

These are not only highly affordable but easy to move due to their lightweight constructions. Unfortunately, these mattresses are not built to withstand heavy wear and tear. As such, they require constant replacement. These are best suited for children’s rooms or guest rooms where they’re not used often.

2. Pocket Spring Mattresses

These types of mattresses are considerably more luxurious than their aforementioned counterparts. The coils are individually housed in pockets of fabric and offer significantly better support. They are available in varying degrees of firmness, ranging from soft and medium to firm. Unlike memory foam and latex, these are also ideal for hot sleepers as they are wholly breathable.

The downside to these mattresses is their heft as well as the fact they often contain known allergens inside such as lambswool. For couples sleeping together, however, these lend the perfect amount of support as well as separation. Thanks to the way these mattresses are constructed, there’s very minimal rolling. It has the ability to accommodate different weight classes.

Pocket spring mattress

3. Bed-In-A-Box

Considered a wonder of modern innovation, bed-in-a-box mattresses make it easier than ever before to purchase affordable mattresses online. Originally an invention by Casper, many other manufacturers have followed suit in recent years! These are easily shipped and delivered. This is thanks to their unique packaging. This allows consumers to eliminate the most painful process of mattress buying— going from store to store!

The mattresses in this category are compressed and then rolled into a compact box for easy shipment. Usually, most options within this category are memory foam or hybrids. This is thanks to their ability to quickly retain their shapes when exposed to air.

4. Memory Foam

Memory foam has been around for decades. Only in recent years has it become the most popular mattress material of choice. It offers the ability to contour perfectly to a person’s shape while offering support, responding to temperature changes, and also having natural hypoallergenic properties. Many sleepers with joint problems and pain spots prefer sleeping on memory foam. It is able to distribute body weight evenly while cradling the body for adequate support. The only real downside to these is their ability to retain too much heat, hence, making consumers sweaty.

memory foam mattress

5. Latex Mattresses

Prized for their ability to keep cool during warm nights, latex mattresses contain latex-based foam. They last many years and are ideal for asthma sufferers. The downside is that these are fairly firm and come recommended for those preferring a firmer sleep surface. Additionally, these are fairly heavy and hard to move. Meanwhile, cheap versions develop dents, bumps, and ridges in a fairly short amount of time. In this category, it’s safe to say that consumers get what they pay for. Purchasing a more expensive model is the best course of action.

6. Hybrid Mattresses

These are constructed of a combination of materials using memory foam or latex and springs. They offer the best of both worlds to create a balanced sleeping environment. Most hybrid mattresses contain a foundation made of pocket springs. And they have a comfort layer of memory foam on top to provide adequate support. Thanks to their ability to conform to the shape and contours of the human body, these have the ability to alleviate aches and pains while reducing stress on joints. In some instances, hybrid mattresses may also come shipped in a box.

Not only do you need to consider your mattress but you also may require help choosing a bed frame. This ensures you are getting the best night’s rest.

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