4 Reasons Not To Sleep On Mattress Reviews

The mattress is on the blink and you need a new one. If it doesn’t happen quickly it’s as if you’ll never get a good night’s sleep again. Darn those springs sticking out of the material! In this scenario, it’s tempting to make the cardinal sin of bed shopping and buying the first mattress you see. After all, anything’s better than what you have at the moment.

However, a bed is a long-term purchase. Anyway, the wrong one will impact your sleep patterns for the foreseeable future. It’s best to choose correctly, either you go for traditional spring mattress or highly advanced Isense mattress. Here’s why you shouldn’t sleep on them.

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4 Reasons Not To Sleep On Mattress Reviews

They’re Unbiased

Walk into a mattress store and lie down and wait five minutes. Yep, there he is – the guy desperate to make a sale. To make sure you leave with a goose down in tow. He’ll say anything, and that isn’t an exaggeration. Granted, sales clerks may not lie directly but they speak in their best interests.

Sleep to Live Mattress reviews is different because buyers compile them. There are no guarantees that they don’t have an agenda but the chances are the seller has more. Therefore, they are easier to trust (and rightly so) than an “expert” salesperson with no interest in your health.

They’re Cumulative

There’s a reason they are trustworthy. It’s because of the numbers. Go to Sleepopolis or Sleep Advisor or even Cnet and you’ll find the same thing. They all have mattress reviews which are full of comments from previous buyers. And, it isn’t only one or two from the odd satisfied customer. It’s a range of good, bad and middling appraisals which contribute to the final rating. So, at least you know that there is no way to rig 500 evaluations of a product. Well, there is but the hassle isn’t worth the result.

They’re On Different Sites

It is one thing trusting mattress reviews on the seller’s site. But it is another to believe a comment on a third-party website. Okay, there is a chance that the people leaving evaluations are somehow biased but the stats are in your favor. This is especially true when the platform is a reputable one with an excellent name in the industry.

Think of Trivago and Tripadvisor as the king of reviews. When they are on different sites, it makes them less likely to be wrong because the supplier can’t manipulate the content. On their website, they can post disingenuous ones or pick the reviews that are positive.

They’re The Industry Standard

Have you heard the phrase “if they jumped off of a bridge, would you follow?” The moral is that you should think independently. However, it’s okay to follow the crowd in some cases. For example, like when you have no idea if a product is high or low-quality. There has to be something good about it if 63% of customers use them to make a purchase.

Are you in the market for a mattress? Are you using reviews to help?

It is not smart to trust all you read on mattress reviews. Instead, try these tips.

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