5 Great Benefits of a Master Key Door Lock System

Every sensible person knows that their security is in their own hands. So, it is important to take every precaution with your property and possessions to prevent them from being stolen.

One of the best ways of protecting your home is through a Master key door lock system. There are multiple types of these systems to ensure optimum security.

There are also various types of this system like the verti bolts, rim locks, multipurpose locks, and mortise locks to enhance the quality of security in both your domestic and commercial structures.

Master key door lock system

5 Great Benefits of a Master Key Door Lock System

Biggest Benefits of Getting A Master Key Door Lock System

Unique Key Make

If you know anything about the locking systems available around the world, you will know that they have a common pattern that can be easily acquired on the market. So, your generic home or office lock is not as safe as you might want to think.

Anyone with the right knowledge of the kind of locks you use could procure copies and clean your home or office out while you are away. But master locks have a unique feature here that makes them better. They are constructed through a restricted keyway.


A master key door lock system is one of the sturdiest and most reliable in the market. Their custom-made and high-quality construction ensures that your premises are break-proof.

At the same time, they also grant a great degree of control to you for holding the master key. So, for peace of mind in both homes and offices, a master key system is one to go for.

Serialized Tracking

When it comes to ensuring security, there are precious few things as valuable as tracking. A Master key door lock system and its keys have unique serial numbers. This means that they can be tracked at any time.

This also means that anyone who has the copies and the exact serial of the copy will have their details on the system. So, at any moment, you can choose to find out who has which tracking system and how much access do they have through it.

Rekeyable Locking

Imagine you have just lost your master key. Now, what do you do? Will you have to change the entire lock system now to fit in a new key and ensure that no one accidentally finds your lost key and uses it to their advantage?

Not if you have a Master key door lock system! High-quality Mortise lock systems cannot be duplicated easily, thus redefining a high-security zone.

They are always non-rekeyable. Hence nobody can intrude into your private space in your absence when you have a master key door lock system.

Key Control Software

If you are especially keen on keeping tight security, then having key control software can be the best thing for you. A reliable master locksmith will store your relevant info on their cloud server which you can access at any time.

This feature grants you unparalleled control over the levels of access you want people to have. Naturally, being able to digitally track who has which keys are of great benefit to all businesses.

Even if you have a business with the need for low levels of security, key control software is a failsafe against any eventualities.

A Master key door lock system is great for larger homes and of course, business offices. If you are keen on securing your property, then this is the system to go for!

You can choose from aluminum and iron and steel combination varieties to choose and customize the lock systems. The grandmaster key systems do not cripple an existing security procedure, and this is the best way to avoid theft and burglary.

A Master key door lock system is great for larger homes and of course, business offices.

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