How To Make A Profit Marketing To New Homeowners

Almost half of new homeowners spend more money than they intend to within the first year of moving in. If you are looking for a new market for your business, new homeowners are an important market to tap into. Here’s how to earn money marketing to new homeowners.

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Direct Marketing

Many new homeowners will contact the first business that reaches out to them. This makes marketing to homeowners a lucrative marketing tactic. Invest in glossy marketing materials.

Consider delivering to local property developments where it’s guaranteed that new homeowners will be moving in. Remember that your mail might be the first impression they form of your business. This makes it important to get your marketing materials right.

Social Media Campaigns

Social media campaigns are a great way to pair a new mover with your service. Understand your audience using tools like Google Analytics to break down their age, background, and income.

Use social media campaigns to offer goods or services that meet their wants and needs. Work with a marketing agency that can help you target these potential customers. 

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Curate Content For Homeowners

When you’ve identified appropriate social media campaigns and services, you want to offer new homeowners curated content that can provide them with value when they move home.

From ideas on home renovation to reviews of local services, make your blog a hive of information for new homeowners. It’s also useful to cater to first-time buyers. This way they can use your website as a checklist for what to consider when they move into their new property.

Offer Customer Incentives

Offer incentives for customers looking to buy from you for the first time. Package deals, money off their first purchase, and even referrals are great incentives for new homeowners.

Encourage customer loyalty through discounts that will have new homeowners using your services repeatedly. Studies show that 20% of your current customers are responsible for over 80% of your business. That makes customer retention even more important than attracting new homeowners. 

Consider Working With Estate Agencies

Partnering with letting or estate agencies is a useful way to market to new homeowners. If you offer cleaning or inventory services, working with agencies can help you get repeat business from them and their tenants.

You might find that departing tenants or homeowners will use your cleaning services before leaving the property. Meanwhile, agencies might recommend your services to new homeowners.

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Final Thoughts

New homeowners are a lucrative clientele for local businesses. They are more likely to need new products or services, making them an incredibly easy market to tap into.

Creating glossy marketing materials and direct marketing is a great way to directly reach new clients. So is creating targeted social media campaigns or blog content. 

However, converting a new homeowner into a long-term client is the trick. Offer discounts, referrals, or package deals to incentivize homeowners to use your goods and services for a longer period. Partnering with estate or letting agencies is also a great way to get a constant supply of homeowners and tenants through your business. 

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