Managing Contractors During a Renovation Project

One of the toughest parts of managing a home renovation project is dealing with contractors. You may have done everything you could to find the best contractor possible, but so many things can still go wrong. This is why knowing how to manage your project and the people working on it will be important if you want everything to be done on time and correctly. Here are a few tips for managing contractors during a renovation project.

Managing Contractors

Contractors working on a house

Limit Access to the House

Limiting acces to your home is a great way of managing contractors and minimizing potential distractions. A lot of people will not like the idea of a stranger or strangers being in their house even if they have been thoroughly vetted. In any case, you should set clear boundaries as to where contractors can and can’t go.

You should know that they have basic needs too, however. When remodeling your home, it makes sense to have a portable restroom on-site. This way, you won’t have people going in and out of the bathroom leaving a mess or interacting unnecessarily with house inhabitants.

Make Sure that Everything is Clear from the Beginning

To make things easier and upfront when managing contractors, always have written proof.Everything should be marked on paper at the very beginning of the project to avoid any surprises. You should know who they will be working with. Ask them if and when they will be bringing a subcontractor or expert, and why. You should also set clear milestones and the contractor should be able to inform you in case there’s any delay.

Another thing you should be very careful with is allowances. This is when contractors will leave certain costs to their discretion in the contract. For instance, you may be remodeling your bathroom but don’t know which type of hardware you will use. Since costs can vary greatly, you don’t want to leave the contractor with practically a blank check. Main components have to be chosen early and costs made clear to avoid any issues later on.

Have Great Communication

Communication will be essential during your project, and that’s something you should screen for at the beginning. You should ask as many questions as possible and see how they react whn managing contractors. If they constantly seem annoyed or give vague answers, this is a red flag.

You should have a way of contacting them outside of work hours as well. You don’t know what could happen, and you should be able to call them in case there’s an emergency. Always try to have daily briefings either with them or the foreman supervising the project.

Make sure you should proactively check the crew’s work every day as well. A great time to do this would be at the end of the day when everyone has left. You can then share your impressions with the contractor if you feel things aren’t moving fast enough or if you have noticed any issues.

 Read these quick tips to help you in managing contractors for your home improvement project and cut down the stress quickly.

Final Thoughts on Managing Contractors

These are all things that you can do when managing contractors for your renovation project. Keeping an open line of communication and planning carefully will ensure that everything goes smoothly and that you’re on the same page.

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