Manage Kitchen Space Better – 6 Décor Ideas

To help manage kitchen space better, it is very important to keep everything well organized, airy, pleasant, and easy to clean. But if you live in a small house in Orlando, Florida, doing this becomes even more difficult. Let’s give you a few practical tips that you can use to create more space inside your kitchen. 

Kitchen with beautiful home decor touches

1. Create Slots For Everything

Create slots for all cooking appliances, whether they are knives, big spoons, ladles, bowls, or cutting boards. You can go with either vertical slot separators or horizontal depending on the dimensions of your kitchen.

The entire slot shelf can be placed on your kitchen countertop which can double as a resting spot for your plates, dishes, and glasses. These come in metal or wood.

Wooden slot dish shelves

2. Stretch Your Cabinets To The Ceiling

When you are trying to manage kitchen space better, there is no point in leaving one foot or two feet of space below your ceiling. When you are setting up your cabinets and closets, make sure they go right to your ceiling. Then you have ample space to store your utensils. Your beautiful collection of coffee mugs can also go inside them.

Cabinets to the ceiling in kitchen

3. Convert Your Old Closet

A lot of households find it very difficult to create space for their utensils and dishes despite so many storage options available in the market. This is because these cabinets do not have enough depth and width.

Therefore, one of the most interesting trends of kitchen remodel in Orlando, FL these days is that of converting old/used office cabinets into kitchen storage solutions. Their design is usually very straightforward and they have ample space to store a lot of your dishes without breaking the bank.

Office cabinet

4. Invest In A Single-Bowl Sink

If you switch from a two-sink setup to a single-sink setup, it is going to save you at least 20cm square of kitchen counter space. Make sure that it is soundless though because that seems to be the trend these days.

You can install a temporary partition right in the middle of your sink to separate your used and fresh utensils. Needless to say, when you have a single sink, there will be very few instances of dirty dishes anyway.

Single bowl kitchen sink

5. Remove Your Dishes

Because we are already on the topic of dishes, it is better to store them away from your kitchen space. If they are beautiful and aesthetic, it is better to store them in your eating area or close to your dining table.

Put them on display. This is going to help you save a lot of space in your kitchen easily.

Dishes on display

6. Choose A Built-In Microwave

Invest in a built-in microwave. This is another way to manage kitchen space better because it just fits in between your dishwasher and the corner cabinet. The wiring is going to be at the back of the countertop which is not going to create any clutter.

Built in microwave


Now, these were some really interesting and practical space management tips that can be used inside your kitchen. You have loads of help to beautify your kitchen and manage kitchen space better.

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