5 Simple Hacks For Making Your Home Invasion-Safe

The world is not at its safest best right now, and you can expect things to go wrong at any point. While natural calamities come without a warning, invasions and political unrest can also strike out of the blue. Making your home invasion-safe is therefore of the utmost importance.

A prepping mindset puts you in a vantage position when it comes to dealing with such emergencies. You may never be too prepared for something as drastic as an invasion in your city, but a little preparation and the right approach can help you keep your loved ones safe.

Ensuring the safety of your home should be on top of your preparedness checklist when making your home invasion-safe. It may require some effort because there is a lot you have to plan in advance and manage when disaster strikes.

But the hard work is worthwhile because your home is the safest place when the situation gets dangerous outside. Let us share some proven hacks you can rely on for making your home invasion-safe.

Making Your Home Invasion-Safe

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Consider bug-in as an option

Bugging out is often plan A for most preppers, but it may not be the best move if things are really dangerous outside. Moreover, you may not want to take a risk by driving through gunshots with a baby, an aged person, or a sick family member in the backseat.

The roads may be blocked, and an effort to get out of the city will only open you to bigger risks.

Bugging in for a few days will be a better choice in such situations. Consider waiting for the window of opportunity to open and get out when you have the first chance to do it safely.

It is best to prepare your home for a bug-in, which is not a lot of work if you know the basics of preparation. This is a great way for making your home invasion-safe.

Have the essentials in stock

The worst you can face during an invasion is to be cooped indoors without food and water. If you suspect that something may go wrong, have enough in stock to keep your family going for a few weeks.

It is a practice that you must follow even when there are no impending dangers when making your home invasion-safe. You must assess your needs and replenish your pantry with the extras that will help you survive when you have to stay at home.

Pick stuff that has a long shelf life and check the expiration dates from time to time. If there is a need to replenish the stocks, do it right away. It will not cost a fortune, but these essentials can be life-saving if you have to bug in.

Essentials go beyond food and drinks, so stock up on medicines, batteries, soaps, toilet paper, and sanitizers as well.

Make your living space secure

When there is a threat of an invasion in your city, your home is probably the safest place for your family. So it makes sense to go the extra mile with making your home invasion-safe.

Check the vulnerable spots that make easy entry points for intruders. Secure them with some DIY work because you will not be able to get a professional to do it for you.

Reinforcing your doors and windows is a good idea, particularly if you have a ground-floor home.

You can invest in a pistol or a gun. Preppers buy weapons as a part of emergency safety plans. Use these ideas for making your home invasion-safe.  Owning and storing a gun in your house can make you confident about the safety of your home and family.

Protect any guns and weapons by having a gun safe available that you can easily access in an emergency. You can protect your guns further by installing a dehumidifier within your gun safe. Check https://gunlawsuits.org/top-picks/best-gun-safe-dehumidifiers/ for your options.

You can invest in a pistol or gun and consider 80percentarms to stay within the law when it comes to ammo and guns. Then learn how to operate it. Pick accessories like Optics for Pistols because they help with accurate shots. Stock up enough ammunition because you may need it when you stay indoors or bug out during an emergency.

Self-defense training for your family members takes you a step ahead with safety.


Ensure that you are always in touch

Another significant aspect of making your home invasion-safe is staying in touch. Communication can get challenging when phone lines go out of order and the internet does not work.

But you can think of the good-old modes of communication to stay in touch with friends and family around the city and other parts of the country. Keep calling them and dropping texts as long as your phone and the internet works.

Consider buying a radio because it can keep you connected with the outside world when nothing else works.

Your neighbors are the real support you can rely on when things get bad outside, so stay connected with them. Come together as a community and prepare a safety plan that covers all residents.

Consider meeting them when you can and devising an emergency communication plan for everyone in the neighborhood. Be willing to help others and don’t hesitate to ask for help.

People are more than willing to stand together in critical times, so face the danger as a single, strong unit.

Always have a bug-out plan

Although stepping out may be a daunting idea, you must always have a bug-out plan when dealing with home invasion. If things aren’t expected to resolve soon, and a life threat is imminent, leaving your home may be an intelligent move.

No matter how hard it sounds, you will probably have to do it when survival is the main issue for your family. A clear and well-planned approach gives you better chances to get out safely.

Find out the best time to bug out, rather than just doing it randomly. Have bug-out bags ready for each member of the family. Pack everything you may need so that you can sustain, even if left alone.

Ensure that your car tank is full because you will not want to stop on the way to refuel. Carry your weapon for extra safety, and wear body armor if you have it. Bugging out with another family always makes sense because good company makes you feel safer.

Ensuring the safety of your home should be on top of your preparedness checklist. It may require some effort because there is a lot you have to plan in advance and manage when disaster strikes. But the hard work is worthwhile because your home is the safest place when the situation gets dangerous outside.

Final Thoughts on Making Your Home Invasion-Safe

Making your home invasion-safe need not be a stressful thing to do. Moreover, it does not cost a fortune. But the confidence that comes with the right approach and preparation is priceless. Just follow these actionable hacks, and you have a safe living space even when things are not as safe outside.

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