Making Your Home a Safe Haven For Your Pet Dog

Ah, our canine friends. They’re so lovable, but boy oh boy, they can get into some mischief from time to time. Whether it’s ripping up your latest pair of slippers, or trying to explore what’s buried beneath the tree, it seems like they’re never too far from causing mayhem. While most of their adventures are harmless, it’s also true that, sometimes, your home can provide an element of danger to your pet dog. Below, we take a look at a few useful tips for keeping your pet dog safe in the house.

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Making Your Home A Safe Haven For Your Pet Dog




Keep the Kitchen Organized


Your pet dog will be hungry more or less all of the time. In fact, they’re not even hungry: they’re just willing to eat. And if they see something that seems like food, then they won’t need much motivation to open their mouth and try to fill their belly. In the kitchen, there will be foods that you don’t want them to eat.

And then there will be things that look like food, but which pose a danger to your dog. As such, you should work hard to keep your kitchen well-organized and keep anything that contains chemicals well away from where your dog might reach.


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Seasonal Comfort


You probably switch out your thin summer sheets for thick winter duvets when the temperatures begin to plummet. Are you doing the same for your dog? They’re just as sensitive – if not more so – to temperatures as you are. Yet they’re not able to do much about it for themselves.

In the summer, make sure they have a cold space that will keep them cool. In the winter, it’s all about filling their bed with enough blankets to keep the chill at bay.


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Outside Threats


Your house might be full of threats, but there’s an even bigger danger lurking around the corner: the street. There, cars will be zipping by at all hours of the day, and if your dog can access the road, then there’ll always be a chance that something goes wrong.

If your dog is going to spend time in your front yard, have a fence installed by a company like Straight Line Fence. It’ll help to prevent your dog from wandering away from your property, and will also improve the overall look of your house, too. In your backyard, make sure there are no gaps or vulnerable areas that a curious dog may be able to crawl through.


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Possession Inventory


What’s dangerous in your home might not always be obviously apparent. Chemicals, yes, but what about the other items? If you have electrical cables everywhere, then a teething dog may chew through the protective cover and burn themselves. It does happen. Take a look at everything in your house and, if necessary, make sure to neutralize the danger.


Think Like a Baby


Finally, think like a baby if you want to keep your dog safe! Get down to the ground, and see any potential danger spots. You might be surprised by what you find down there.


Final Thoughts

Having a pet dog can be a rewarding experience for you and your family. But the safety of your pet dog should be first on the list. Check your home for dangerous items and situations before bringing your new dog home. A little bit of safety can go along way. Your pet dog will quickly become your best friend.


It is so important that you make your home safe before bringing a pet dog home.


Do you have a pet dog in your home? In what ways do you assure the safety in your home? Tell me about them in the comment box below.



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