Making Use Of Your Land

If you have some land to your name, you already know it’s quite a big investment to keep it healthy during the changing seasons. Even just having a garden shows you just how much work goes into weeding and turning over the soil so the conditions are just right. But it’s not just about wanting your space to start giving back to you, it’s about making use of your land in its entirety.


So if you’re a homesteader, and you’ve got a field or so to spare, or just a big backyard round your house, make sure you’re getting some good use out of it. And don’t worry, there’s plenty of ways to do that that won’t be a long-term investment or cost you too much money! With that in mind, here’s a couple of ideas for you to try out.



Making Use Of Your Land



Get Building


It’s your land, and you’re not going all out with new buildings that require some hefty planning permissions. You can start constructing anything you like here. And there’s so much fun you can have with these kinds of structures. Especially if you have little ones in your family. Let your creative side loose and draw up some plans before you get going.


Treehouses, playhouses, even just the odd shed that you can paint up and put window boxes on, are all good additions. They’ll brighten up space massively, and give your house a bit more room in it for the kids (and the adults) to make a mess in. What a great way of making use of your land that isn’t used now. Get outside in the sunny yet cool weather and start that new play area or shed. It doesn’t have to be as hard a project as you might think! Make sure you check with zoning in your area first!

making use of your land


Have Some Parties


If you have a party on your hands, you’re going to have all your friends, family, and favorite people around you. And that always makes for a good time! So put your backyard space to good use and start inviting people around a lot more. It makes for good bonding time. And it means you’re less and less likely to get bored with all the space you have.


Everything from birthday parties to graduation parties can be hosted on your land. It’s a great way to reunite with old friends and family. Have you considered hosting a wedding? Some people love outdoor weddings, especially when the scenery is amazing.

making use of your land


Spend Family Time


Seeing as the sun is showing its face a lot more around these parts, maybe it’s time to conduct a few barbecues? Buy yourself a good grill from Grilling Zen, one you know will last you for the entire season at the very least. Grab some grilling recipes and spend some quality time with your spouse or significant other and your children. 


Other options for empty spaces are to put up a volleyball or badminton net and let the games begin! How about a paintball area where the kids can compete with each other? Kids love water balloons and shooting targets. You can easily set up areas for family time and build some lasting memories.

making use of your land


So this isn’t a long list of things after all. The key to using any extra space you have is versatility. Try to be flexible with your land, and don’t get too protective of it. Before you know it you will be making use of your land in ways you hadn’t thought of before. You can always relayer the grass, and uproot the messy flower beds. 


Having a lot of land sometimes leaves some of the space being unused and wasted. Learn some simple ideas for making use of your land.


Do you have a lot of land on your homestead? How are you making use of your land? Please share your comments in the box below.




  1. We have farmland, hunting property, creek runs through our property we can fish out of. Plus all the animals and different gardens we grow. Found you on Simple Homestead Link Party.

    1. Author

      Wow! Sounds like you have a nice piece of property and that you are making great use of it! Happy homesteading and thanks for taking the time to read my post!

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