Great Ideas for Making Money Inside the Home

There are so many great ideas for making money inside the home on your homestead! In this post, I will share many of the ways I have brought some extra income into my homestead over the years.

All of the ideas mentioned below can be utilized no matter what type of homestead you have. Whether you are in the city or a farm makes no difference because these ideas will work while being inside the home.

Being Creative About Making Money Inside the Home

It is not difficult to make an extra amount of income from within the home. There are so many ways you can do so! Be creative and think about how you can use what you already know and/or do to make money.

Take a walk through each room of your house. Look at everything. Is there that sewing project laying on the chair? Can you sew for others? Do you have jars of jams and jellies? Can you sell your own line of them at a local farmers market?

Start thinking about all the things you make and do and make a list of the many ways you can take those very things and make money from your home.

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Making an Income Inside the Home Room by Room

The Laundry Room

Look around the laundry room. Do you make your own laundry soap, softener, and dryer balls? Why not turn these into products you make for others? How about DIY dryer sheets?

Another way of making money in the laundry room is to simply do other peoples laundry for them. Consider a Wash, Dry and Fold Service! If you live locally, I may even take you up on this one!

laundry supplies

The Kitchen

This is the room with the most ideas for making money inside the home. From baking to cooking and everything in between there is always something you do in the kitchen frequently that you can make an income from.

Try these suggestions:

  • Sauces, rubs
  • Spices and spice blends
  • Bake bread
  • Offer catering services locally
  • Make candy or cookies for special occasions
  • Make and sell jams and jellies
  • Offer cake baking and or decorated cakes
Homemade cookies

The Sewing Room

Do you enjoy sewing? Maybe you do needlepoint or crocheting. Not everyone has the knack to sew, especially when it comes to clothes and bigger projects.

Try some of these sewing projects for making money inside the home:

  • Make and alter clothing
  • Design aprons
  • Make placemats and tablecloths
  • Design your own hot mitts
  • Offer hand-made quilts
  • Offer needlepoint, crocheting, and knitted projects
  • Make curtains
Quilting is a way of making money inside the home.

Bathroom Ideas

This is another room that inspires a plethora of opportunities to make money! From soaps to DIY bath products, this is a great way to find the inspiration to increase your income!

If you make your own bath products, consider an Etsy store or even a rented spot at a local farmers market or flea market. Design a label for your products and start your own business. Organic and healthy based ingredients are an attention grabber.

Products from the bathroom may include:

  • Shampoo bars
  • Handmade soaps
  • Bath bombs and fizzes
  • Cosmetics
  • Home remedies made from natural ingredients
Making soap

Miscellaneous Areas for Making Money Inside the Home

Some money making ideas come from crafts you may already do for your home. Use these ideas to start making money inside the home today! Think about things you may design or make to assist you while homesteading. Are these ideas something others may want?

Ideas may include the following:

  • Making and selling beeswax or soy candles
  • Making emergency candles
  • Firestarters
  • Jewelry
  • Design floral arrangements and wreaths
  • Painting for others
  • Offer house cleaning services
  • Make reusable shopping bags from discarded bags
  • House sitting services
  • Make and sell jewelry
  • Offer babysitting or Daycare from your home
  • Offer pet sitting services
Do you spend a lot of time inside your home? Try some of the suggestions here for making money inside the home.

Final Thoughts on Making Money Inside the Home

As you can see there are so many ways of making money inside the home while homesteading. Do you make money using any of the suggestions above? Tell me in the comments your ideas and suggestions not mentioned here for making money inside the home.

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