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With the need to live a sustainable life becoming a desire amongst an increasing number of Americans, homesteading too is rising in popularity. Even New York City backyards boasting chickens, bees, and rich herb gardens. The main purpose of homesteading is to be as self-sufficient as possible. But money is stillContinue Reading

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Some of the benefits of homesteading are very obvious. The fresh air, the pace of life, being close to nature and getting to spend time with your animals all come near the top of the list. But profitability is one of those things that may be more problematic. Modern homesteadsContinue Reading


If you’re looking for lucrative ways to make more money to keep your homestead afloat and you’re lucky enough to have some extra space kicking around the place, then you could quite possibly make some extra money by offering some of that space up on Airbnb. In case you didn’tContinue Reading