Social media platforms

Social media is considered to be an essential segment of the modern customer journey map since it underlines the significance of social marketing for businesses of all sizes.  Recently, most of the population has been engaged in different social media websites. Even though people are busy with work, they areContinue Reading

Instagram on phone

People go to Instagram for beautiful and entertaining content. The more you amuse, surprise, and inspire your followers, the more motivated they are to stay with you and respond to your posts. That’s why you need to diversify your content: create new headings, step away from the standard format andContinue Reading

Marketing activités at a desk

It seems that writing is rooted in commercialism. You can easily imagine some big corporation promoting its new product with the help of various marketing means. You can also imagine small businesses promoting their services with social media. That seems like something absolutely normal.  Now think, the last time youContinue Reading

farm shop

If you have your own homestead or are pretty self-sufficient, you may have an abundance of fresh goods. Why not consider opening up a farm shop and letting others enjoy the incredible things you grow and produce, and make some money from it at the same time?   Farm shopsContinue Reading