Simple Ways to Make Your Home Feel Cozier

With winter here, you may be wanting to make your home feel cozier and comfortable.  

Whilst the idea of “home” means different things to different people, most people would agree that a cozy home is one that feels comfortable and relaxing to be in… some people find the warm colors of red, orange and yellow to associate a feeling of comfort and coziness. Others prefer the cooler colors of greens and blues – the point being that coziness is subjective as it all comes down to what you personally associate with comfort.

Some people feel cozier in a cluttered house that feels like a cave of clutter. Others feel cozier in a minimalist space akin to an art gallery or show home.  It really is a case of horses for courses. There are some things you can do that tend to work for most people, irrespective of individual taste. Let’s look at some simple ways to make your homestead feel cozier.


Simple Ways to Make Your Home Feel Cozier


Add Layers of Softness

One of the fastest and most effective ways to make your home feel cozier is is to use the principle of layering. For instance, you can layer cushions or blankets on top of each other, perhaps covering an otherwise lifeless piece of furniture. The feeling one gets when seeing blankets and throws just makes the room feel cozier. This is true especially if the furniture also has small throw pillows scattered too. 

Throws and blankets are easily found on amazon like these and can be used for creating a cozy feeling and warmth too.

make your home feel cozier



Lighting is one of the most critical parts of making your home feel cozier.  The majority of people would agree that a cozy feeling tends to be achieved by warm light, rather than cold light.  In this sense, you want to avoid intense spotlights and go for more subdued options like Moroccan lamps or Salt Crystal lamps that radiate a warm, colorful, glow. These are perfect if you’re getting some Next  Day Blinds as the orange glow tends to make the wooden blinds, in particular, feel very warm and natural.


make your home cozier



Use Candles

Still within the vein of lighting, but in a slightly different context is the idea of using candles to add to a particularly relaxing and soothing ambiance. Candles can also add to a sense of intimacy and not just in the bedroom. Having candles at the dinner table can help people feel more relaxed and connected.  

If you start to utilize the power of aromatherapy oils with candles they can completely transform the ambiance of a room. Using candles like these even come with jewelry inside. And mixed with aromatherapy oils is a great way to make your home feel cozier.


Get a Pet

There’s something very cozy about being greeted by a four-legged friend, particularly a loyal canine companion. Cats can be just as effective in terms of making a home feel cozier. Having a furry friend cuddled up on the sofa or chair alongside you for some reason can make your home feel cozier. You can get stressless recliners at


make your home cozier


Turn the Heat Up

The physical heat within a space creates a sense of coziness. It brings an element of tactile comfort. Think about it, if you’re standing in a cold house you don’t feel very at home.  You, therefore, might want to consider using different types of heat sources that are suited to your home. For instance, an electric blanket can certainly make a bedroom feel a lot cozier. A fan heater can provide an instant blast of heat. That can feel really nice if you’re cuddled up watching a film in your pajamas.

For an extra touch of coziness add an electric or gas fireplace to your space. You can even shop around and find a beautiful fireplace enclosed within a bookshelf like this one from Amazon.


make your home cozier


Now you are equipped with some simple tips to make your home feel cozier. Have you implemented any of these? Are their other tips you can share with my readers? Please leave your comments in the comment box below!

Coziness means something differetn to each person ubt with these simple tips, you are sure to find an easy way to make your home feel cozier.

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