9 Tips to Make Your Cat Happy

Many people think that, due to their more independent nature, cats don’t need a lot of things to be happy. Probably all those people who have lived, or live, with a feline know how much they need from us, although sometimes it may not seem like it.

Do you think that offering him water, food and home is enough? Nothing is further from reality! Cats need a lot more to be truly happy. If you unconditionally love your feline and consider him part of your family, you have surely wondered how to make your cat happy. Therefore, at AnimalWised we have prepared this article with our tips to make a cat happy, keep reading!

How to Make Your Cat Happy

sleeping cat while being petted

1.  A correct diet is key to his well-being

Like us and other animals, cats need to be well-nourished to feel good. An adequate diet for the nutritional needs of the feline is essential to prevent common diseases in this species and it will make your cat happy too..

Although it seems obvious, it is important to remember that, if you opt for commercial food, you must choose a good quality feed. Numerous scientific studies prove that a good diet improves the general condition of the cat, the quality of the coat, the skin, etc.

However, many are those who think that quality products are too expensive and opt for less beneficial foods. If you can afford a better product, like the freeze-dried raw offering from Natures Feast, then what could be better than investing in your best friend’s health? Also, considering the cost of veterinary visits, in the long term much more can be saved if a better feed is selected.

Now, with this, we do not mean that the most expensive feeds are the best on the market because there are also cheaper products that can be considered of good quality.

In this way, what should be done is to review the ingredients of the feed and compare the composition of several to choose the one that best suits the needs of the feline. Research the Ultimate Pet Nutrition reviews to see which feed is best overall for your feline friends.

On the other hand, remember that it is also important to adjust the amount of daily food to the cat’s specifications. One of the main problems in these animals is obesity due to a sedentary lifestyle or overeating. An obese cat is not a happy cat, and you want to make your cat happy.

2.  Fresh and clean water, always!

To end this point, do not forget that the key to preventing kidney disease is water. Therefore, providing the animal with fresh and clean water at all times is essential not only to make your cat happy but also to ensure its good health.

Ideally, distribute several bowls of water around the home, since cats are also usually animals with a tendency to drink little. Likewise, some cats are so peculiar that they refuse to drink from their bowl, preferring direct water from the tap. For them, it is recommended to purchase a water fountain for cats, as this will ensure that your best friend consumes this important liquid without climbing through the kitchen.

Cat eating

3.  Use pheromones to enhance your peace of mind

Cats naturally produce pheromones for different purposes. These pheromones are secreted through special glands or other fluids such as urine. They emit certain signals to other cats or to themselves that vary depending on the type of pheromones. For example, we find sexual pheromones for reproductive purposes and appeasing pheromones, which help to maintain the calm and tranquillity of an animal.

Cats mark their territory by rubbing against objects to leave those pheromones and indicate that this place is safe for them. Currently, we find synthetic calming pheromones on the market that we or other species of animals cannot perceive any type of signal or smell, but our cat can, so they manage to balance their environment and help them stay calm once captured.

Therefore, another way to make your cat happy is by using synthetic pheromones such as the FELIWAY Optimum Diffuser, which is an improved version of the popular pheromone diffuser because it contains a new generation of feline pheromones with greater efficiency. In this way, when detecting them, the cat manages to calm a lot and that will make your cat happy.

4.  Don’t neglect your cat’s health

Another tip to make your cat happy that, at first glance, seems obvious is this: regular visits to the vet are essential to prevent and detect the presence of diseases in time.

In addition to taking the animal to its scheduled visits, it is recommended to follow the vaccination and deworming schedule stipulated by the specialist. In this sense, avoid deworming the animal on your own with products for this purpose. Why do we say this?

Many are the companions of cats who choose to deworm the animal with products designed for dogs because they believe that they work for both species. The truth is that not all. Some of the products made exclusively for dogs are highly toxic to felines. Likewise, we do not advise self-medicating the animal without the prior consent of the specialist.

5.  Sterilize the cat, yes or no?

Of course, this is a decision that each cat companion must make taking into account multiple factors, such as economic cost, the character of the animal, sex, its lifestyle … Despite this, we recommend having to take this option into account, not only to avoid unwanted pregnancies but also for all the advantages that this surgery offers. For example, in cats, the probability of suffering from breast cancer decreases by 95%. Again, being a healthy cat will make your cat happy.

Cat being checked by a vet

6.  Hygiene is the most important thing for cats

You have probably already noticed the number of hours your cat spends licking itself. Cleanliness plays a fundamental role in the life of every feline, and without it, they cannot feel really happy. Cats cannot stand dirt on their fur or in their environment, so a disorganized home, lack of proper hygiene, neglect of their litter box, etc., seriously disturb their well-being.

Focusing on the litter box, it should be cleaned daily. A dirty litter box can lead the animal not to use it, having as a consequence urinating or defecating in any other corner of the house. To better understand this behaviour, consider the following situation: if you go to the bathroom and it is dirty, you flush the toilet or clean it, right? The cat cannot do it, but he also hopes to find his bathroom in perfect condition.

As for the animal’s hygiene, it is recommended to brush it daily to remove dead fur and thus prevent the formation of hairballs in the stomach. Keeping the environment clean will make your cat happy.

7.  Respect and know your cat

Cats have different personalities. Thus, there are more sociable cats and others more solitary that, for example, hide when people come. In this way, you should not force your cat to do something that he does not want, especially when he is afraid. Respecting their space and privacy is essential to make your cat happy.

Some cats don’t want to be caught, for example, so why do it? The more you force your cat, the less it will want to stay by your side, since it will begin to associate you with negative stimuli. Cats have excellent memories, for both the good and the bad!

After all the above, it is essential to detect what your cat likes and what not, to enhance everything that he likes and avoid what he dislikes. Some felines love being caressed, while others are content to knead their humans. With time, patience and observation you will get to know the character of your furry friend, the likes of him and, most importantly, earn his trust.

8.  Learn to understand the feline language

Cats have specific body language that they use to communicate with each other and with humans. Unfortunately, we still don’t know how to speak like them, and that is why knowing how to interpret this language is so important. Understanding your cat’s needs can make your cat happy.

9.  Increase environmental enrichment

Environmental enrichment is very important to ensure the psychological well-being of your cat. That is, if your cat lives in an apartment, he needs to have toys that stimulate him physically and mentally.

Cats are hunters by nature, need to be able to express this behavior and instinct through play. It is not necessary to invest a large amount of money though, since you can make your cat happy by making homemade toys or playing games at home that keep it entertained. Also make your cat happy by nature so try to take cat carrier backpack and go to the outside sometime.

 Use these 9 easy to follow tips to learn how to make your cat happy!

Final Thoughts on How to Make Your Cat Happy

It should not be hard to make your cat happy. The right health routine, the correct type and amount of food, toys to keep them occupied and a basic understanding of your cat will make your cat happy and you too.

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