Practical Tips To Make Your Apartment Feel Like Home

Moving out into your apartment far away from your childhood house is harder than everyone thinks. Other than you are in a whole new different neighborhood, your apartment will also not be as comfortable or homey as your past home. But don’t worry, this feeling of unfamiliarity will only last for a matter of time.

There are various practical ways to make your new apartment feels like home without spending too much time and money. Some of these include:

Kitchen and dining area of apartment

Choose the perfect wall color.

If you find your new apartment dull and lifeless, one way to make it more interesting is to paint your wall with your favorite color or paint a mural! You will immediately see the difference in the ambiance once you color your new walls. Painting your walls will not cost much and can be fun- especially when doing it with your friends. Remember to ask your landlord first before painting or changing anything in the apartment to avoid dispute.

Invest on furniture

“Renting” does not mean you shouldn’t buy furniture for your new apartment. Don’t live up your life using cardboard boxes as your only furniture- go buy your new home a new (or thrifted) set of furniture for a more comfortable living.

Blue sofa in living room of apartment


Adding a lot of plants properly in your home will immediately brighten the place and will add contrast to your aesthetic. Not only that, but plants can also help in keeping the air clean in every corner of the room.

Adjust the Lighting

Lighting has a major factor in making your home more comfortable in the eyes. Pay attention to your home’s proper lighting and invest in lamps and lights that perfectly fit the aesthetic of your apartment.

Lamps in bedroom

Bring your childhood to your new home.

Before moving out, make sure to bring the items that are close to your heart. Display those sentimental items on the walls, shelves, and table. It is always comforting to see something familiar somewhere new.

Scented Candles

If you used to use scented candles back in your home, do not hesitate to bring some to your new apartment. So, every time you enter- you will think of the familiar smell of your home.

Scented candles in home

Choose the perfect bed

Nothing makes the place feels more home than having the coziest and most comfortable bed that you can sleep on by the end of a tiring day. Bring your favorite bedding from home to keep the familiar view and have a goodnight’s sleep every night.

Decorate it with your style

One of the most exciting parts of moving to your new apartment is having to design your home with your style and taste. Decorate your new apartment based on the style that you find comfortable to make your apartment feels like home.

Apartment interior

Clean up every day

Living in your apartment is also a responsibility that only you can and should do. To keep your home pleasing to the eyes, make sure to clean every day and deep clean once in a while to avoid having an awful smell in your home.

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