7 Ways To Make The Best Of Your Garden Space

Are you looking to make the best of your garden space? Improving our homes can take a little time, and we aren’t always sure where to start. If you’d like a few easy ideas to put into practice, these seven are perfect for any type of garden.

1 . A space for growing foods

If you’re keen to make the best of your garden space, why not make a space for growing foods? There are so many different types of fruits and vegetables that you can grow in your garden, and you’ll get so much out of it.

The benefits of creating a vegetable patch include growing healthy foods, learning new skills, going green, and improving the overall look of your garden. Gardening is the best way to lift your endorphin levels and get a nice bit of fresh air. To get the best results, use an organic fertilizer, and avoid chemical based products.

2. Create an outdoor living space

To design the perfect backyard, you’ll certainly want to create an outdoor living space. You could create an outdoor lounge area, a dining area, or a combination of both. The most important thing is choosing the right furniture.

You’ll need to get a good balance of style and weather resistancy. To give yourself protection from the rain, you’ll need some kind of pergola, or a wooden gazebo. Consider a Teak Garden Set for your seating area to add style and class.

When it gets colder outside it can be handy to purchase some outdoor heaters.

Outdoor seating area

3. Design multiple zones

Making the best of your garden space is all about designing multiple zones. You might have a dining area, a vegetable growing area, a lawn, and a pond. Separating your garden into multiple zones is all about adding depth, and making the most of space.

If you’re not sure where to start it can be useful to bring in a landscape gardener. With a little professional help you can get yourself a creative plan, and stay on budget too.

4. Garden decor

If you’re keen to make your garden space look beautiful, it’s all about the right garden decorations. You might add ornaments, accessories, or water features?

Decorating your garden is a chance for you to express your personality, and enhance the natural colors there. When you’re choosing decor it can be easier to decide on a theme first.

Are you looking to create a minimal garden? An arty style? Or perhaps something with Mediterranean influences? Defining your style makes the shopping experience much easier.

Outdoor water feature

5. Have a clean up

If you want your garden to look lovely you’ll need to keep on top of all those key maintenance chores. Make sure that you clean your fences regularly, your paving stones, and the exterior of your home. The best way to do this is to use a power washer, once you’ve cleaned up a bit you might want to re-paint your fences?

Mowing your lawn regularly will keep the grass fresh and healthy, if your lawn needs a little boost, try a little organic lawn feed. If you’re seeing lots of weeds come up in your garden there are plenty of natural solutions:

  • Covering your garden with a layer of mulch is a great way to keep weeds at bay.
  • During times of sunny weather you might try solarizing your garden.
  • To get rid of weeds in cracks, you can try boiling water.

6. Prepare for the weather

During the cold weather, you’ll need to try and protect your plants. You can do this by covering them with a blanket at night.

If you’ve got a driveway, and you’re worried about slips and falls you can grit the area before snow falls. If you’re interested in weather patterns in your area, you can also find historical snowfall data online.

Winter plants

7. Learn more about gardening

If you really want to make the most of your garden space, you should learn as much as you can about gardening. You might try reading books, online articles, or listening to podcasts. To help you learn lots of new things, check out these three podcasts:

  • Roots & All
  • On The Ledge
  • Epic gardening

Focusing on these seven tips will help you to make the best of your garden space. When you put lots of effort into your home, you’ll soon see great results. Our gardens give us the chance to reconnect with nature, and create an expanded living space.

Whether you decorate with ornaments or add a vegetable patch, there are lots of options. A few gardening tips are all you need to start making improvements.

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