3 Ways To make Money From Your Homestead

With the need to live a sustainable life becoming a desire amongst an increasing number of Americans, homesteading too is rising in popularity. Even New York City backyards boasting chickens, bees, and rich herb gardens. The main purpose of homesteading is to be as self-sufficient as possible. But money is still required for day-to-day living. Apart from contributing towards a fulfilling, balanced lifestyle, your homestead can also provide you with the means to earn an income while going about your everyday life. The following guidelines point to just three of the countless ways you can make money from your homestead.

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3 Ways to Make Money from Your Homestead



Teach classes and start a blog


More people are interested in adopting homesteading as a way of life. But they don’t any idea where to start.  As a homesteader, chances are very good that you are in possession of many sought-after skills that people will pay good money to learn. Starting a blog is one of the most fulfilling ways to not only share your knowledge but earn an income as well. You can blog about your homesteading experience. You can share tips and tutorials that will help other like-minded individuals to find their feet in the homesteading universe.


By selling advertising space on your blog, you can end up earning a nice passive income. And all the while doing something you are bound to enjoy tremendously. If you are skilled in anything from fabric painting and baking to cheese making and meat processing, you should consider offering classes for a set fee. You can do this either at your own homestead or perhaps at a local church, community hall or school.

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Rent out your space for functions


Depending on where your homestead is of course, and its size, you can consider renting out some of your space for private functions such as birthday celebrations and weddings.  If you have a barn or similar structure that is standing empty, you can give it a clean, add some nice lighting and perhaps a bar counter. Then start charging people for the use of it. Barn weddings are very popular at the moment. If you have a picturesque meadow as a backdrop, your homestead could soon become a sought-after function venue in your region. If you can manage to acquire the necessary funding, you can transform your homestead into a beautiful function venue complete with catering facilities and possibly even accommodation options for the guests.

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Turn your meadows into a campsite


According to the 2018 North American Camping Report, camping is skyrocketing in popularity across the USA and Canada. There are more and more individuals looking for the perfect spot for their next camping expedition. If you have space and want to turn your field into a campsite you will have to supply your campers with a few basic amenities such as toilets and a shower. It is up to you whether you want to supply electricity or offer them a truly primal experience. You can always start small, offering only the basics. And then use the profits to further develop your camping area. Make sure the area you are envisioning as the campsite is level and dry. This allows campers to safely erect their tents.


If you really want to draw a crowd try and find a unique marketing angle. Offer things such as free Wi-Fi or other interesting activities. Try learning to milk a cow or tend to a herb garden.

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Regardless of the size of your homestead, chances are that there is a way you can earn money from it even if you don’t possess an array of sought-after skills. The internet is inundated with simple ways to make money from your homestead. When coupled with the guidelines above, you are sure to see you earn a good couple of dollars. And all the while living a simple yet rewarding life.


Make money from your homestead with these simple 3 suggestions.



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