9 Ways To Make Money From Your Garden Shed

Ah, the humble garden shed. A structure that so many of us have in the back garden that might be used for storing garden tools and equipment, old tins of paint, that old chest of drawers with the missing knobs and that box that you put in there when you moved in that may or may not contain your late Great Aunt Maude’s commemorative china plates.  

If you are a keen gardener or homesteader, they are probably put to great use, storing everything you need to keep your outdoor space looking tip-top. However, for many of us, it is wasted space, but sheds can be excellent spots from which to run a side hustle and earn some extra cash without too much effort. Here, we are going to look at how even the most humble of residential sheds can be used to make you a few extra dollars here and there.


9 Ways To Make Money From Your Garden Shed



Use it as a warehouse.

If you are an avid buyer and seller on eBay or are a wholesale purchaser, you will need somewhere weatherproof and secure to store your stock and keep them separate from the rest of your household belongings. Install some shelving, make sure there are no leaks in the shed that could cause things to go damp and moldy, and you have a ready-made mini-warehouse, right there in your garden!


Use it as an artist retreat

All artists, whether they create art with a paintbrush or a pen, need solace, peace, and a distraction-free area in which to work. What better place is there than a shed? Make sure it is adequately ventilated and add in an extension lead to give you a power source and paint, draw or write until your heart is content. If you have a nice enough garden, you have the perfect muse right outside the window – much better than looking out of the window onto the street!

Artist retreat

Convert it into a craft studio

If you make and sell crafty things for a living, or even for a hobby, you will know how quickly it can take over the house. Before you know it, there are beads and buttons, yarns, and glue guns all over the house. Keep it all safe and in one place by turning your shed into a craft studio.


Use it as a home office

If you are a freelancer or work for yourself, a home office is essential. It is great to sit on the couch or in bed to work on your laptop sometimes, but if you want to be as productive as possible, a designated workspace is important. Sadly, modern homes and large families don’t always make it possible to have a room inside the house that can be used as an office, so take it outside! Portable heaters and lamps can make it a comfortable and welcoming space to work in. It also has the added benefit of separating your home life from your work life a little. 


Make money from a garden shed by turning it into a home office


Turn it into a photography studio

Have you seen the prices of hiring a photography studio? It is a lot! A decent-sized shed in your garden can be an excellent place to work on your photography. You can leave your screens and backdrops and lights up, so they don’t get in the way of anyone, and it cuts out the expense of hiring a studio.


Hire out tools from your shed

Lots of people these days do not own their own garden tools. Perhaps they do not use them enough to warrant purchasing their own, or they do not have the space to store them. If you have the tools and equipment and you have space, you could hire them out from your own garden shed. It is a great way to earn money off something that you already have; you do not need to do anything to your shed and can help you meet local people.


make money from your garden shed selling and renting tools.


Grow vegetables

The best place to grow vegetables is in a greenhouse, but if your shed has the right conditions, you could look at growing vegetables in there to sell. If the conditions are not quite right, you can store them in there, or use the space to make and store preserves and other food items – just make sure that you have any relevant qualifications and you meet any food hygiene requirements!


Turn it into a hen shed

If you fancy keeping hens and selling on their eggs, you will need somewhere for them to live. A purpose-built hen house can be very expensive, but it is easy to convert an existing shed into a hen house. There are plenty of guides online, but primarily, you will need to create features such as a run, air vents, and nest boxes. 


Rent it out as storage

Storage space in many modern houses is non-existent these days, and many people have to store some of their belongings in storage units. The problem is that these can sometimes be in out of town locations and very expensive, so why not look at hiring yours out to someone local if you are not using it?


As with any business idea, you need to make sure that you have any relevant permissions and qualifications and that you are meeting regulations before you start so that you do not get into any legal or financial trouble. It is also a good idea to get insurance to cover you for any damages or losses. However, with a bit of creative thinking, you can turn what is often an unused and neglected space into something that can make you money.

Tips for making money on the homestead by way of using your garden shed.

Do you have any ideas for using your garden shed to make money to add to the list?



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